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Sunday, November 9, 2014 | LKR 40.00 | 6 Sections | Volume 9 No 23
The Sri Lankan Government yesterday
(November 8), hit back at United Nations High
Commissioner for Human Rights, Prince Zeid
Ra’ad Al Hussein, accusing him of resorting to
‘intemperate language’ to attack and vilify a
sovereign member of the UN. The comments
came in the wake of allegations made by
High Commissioner Zeid that Sri Lanka was
engaged in a ‘disinformation campaign’ to
discredit the investigation conducted by his
office into alleged human rights violations in
the country.
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Sandun Jayawardana
A final decision on whether
to continue the search
operation to recover the bodies
of those still missing following
the Meeriyabedda landslide
disaster is likely to be taken
tomorrow (November 10).
Speaking to
The Nation
Commander, Security Forces
Headquarters (Central) Major
General Mano Perera said
families of the victims had
made it clear to authorities
that they had no objection to
calling off the search, given
the decomposed state of the
bodies after being buried for
over 10 days under the earth.
“The people told us that
the state of the bodies only
enhances their sorrow and
as such requested us to take
a decision on the matter.
They made it clear they had
no objection to calling off the
search,” he said.
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These suspects have
been identified through
CCTV footage obtained
from the club
Sandun Jayawardana
Police are still looking for
five other suspects who were
with Malaka Silva at the time
a foreign couple was allegedly
assaulted inside a nightclub
on November1.
Police Spokesman SSP
Ajith Rohana told
The Nation
that investigators were still
looking for five ‘outsiders’
who were with Malaka Silva at
the time of the incident. These
suspects have been identified
through CCTV footage
obtained from the club.
According to SSP Rohana,
the foreign couple who were
allegedly assaulted by Malaka
Silva and the other suspects is
still in the country. “They will
remain until the identification
parade to be held on
November 18,” he said.
Malaka Silva is in remand
custody till November 18,
when he will be produced for
the identification parade.
Alleged fraud at NPC
World Bank
The World Bank caught unawares by allegations
of massive fraud in the Northern Provincial Council is
currently ‘evaluating the situation,’ Sandya Salgado
of the Bank’s External and Corporate Relations unit
told ‘
The Nation
’ on Friday.
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Govt. authorities to decide
on calling off search
‘Depressed’ residents of Meeriyabedda don’t wish to
see more decomposed bodies
GOSL protests
Sri Lanka’s Permanent Representative to the UN in Geneva, Ambassador
Ravinatha Aryasinha is unhappy over comments that Sri Lanka is engaged in
a ‘disinformation campaign’ to discredit the investigation conducted by UN
A meeting of members of the Sri Lanka Freedom Party (SLFP) Women’s Wing
was held yesterday at Temple Trees under the patronage of President Mahinda
Rajapaksa. President Rajapaksa is seen here being swamped by party members
seeking to hand over letters listing various issues faced in the areas they serve in.
Pic by Sudath Silva
In the
the deadly
the Empire and
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Up and running already?
Deputy Leader under fire over
disclosing candidate’s name
without WC approval
UNP Deputy Leader SajithPremadasa has decided
to opt out of the presidential election race as he has
distanced himself from the party’s efforts in finding a
suitable presidential candidate. Premadasa – who earlier
said he could consider being the presidential candidate
of the party if he was given the party leadership – has
told his close associates this week that he would not
contest the forthcoming presidential election.
Premadasa has also strictly opposed any move to
form a common opposition alliance before the election
or to field a common candidate with the support of other
political parties of the opposition. His main condition
is that UNP National Leader Wickremesinghe should
contest the election under the ‘Elephant’ symbol without
coalescing with other political parties.
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