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What does music
mean to you?
Sakina Alihussain
hat is music?
Even before
recorded history,
people created music,
through drumming, singing
or chanting. Some of our
strongest emotions may be
brought on by listening to a
piece of music. In this modern
age, we almost hear music
all around us all the time, in
one form or another, radio,
television or our personal
music ( iPods, MP3 Players,
etc.) is with us throughout
the day. Most of us listen
to recorded music or go to
performances regularly, and
some of us play musical
There are so many types
of music today. Rap, pop,
country, rock, hardcore and
many more. Music sends out
either good or bad messages
that have big impacts on how
people act. People usually
become friends with others
who have the same kind of
taste in music.
We have been thinking
about music lately. We started
reflecting on what music
means to us and the role it
plays in our life, but its a good
reminder as to how people
relate to music.
We think music is so hard
to describe and define, but
it’s easy to describe how it
affects us. If you ask people
what they think of music, this
is what they would come up
with, "Music is one of, if not
the most important aspect of
my life."
"Music is how I relate myself
to the world."
"Music means the world to
me. It makes me think how it
relates to life and I love the
"Music is a way to express
yourself, keep you company
while you are alone, and
always gives you something to
"Music is everything,
without music there is no
purpose of doing a lot stuff."
"Music is a way to express
your feelings. It's something
that I can go to whenever I
need it."
"To me music is a source of
stress relief. It helps me calm
down or just to relax on a bad
day. But on a good day, music
just helps me to get through
the day."
"Music is a way of expressing
myself, and being able to relate
to other people."
"Music is freedom and it
connects to the world."
These responses are very
insightful. It really shows the
importance of music plays
in their life. For some people
music is the most important
thing. While thinking of these
facts we came up with a list
of what people usually think
when it comes to music.
Music is a world.
Music is a drug.
Music is a friend.
Music is a therapist.
Music is entertainment.
Music is a life.
When it comes to singers all
of us know that adults choice
is very much different from
young ones. HR Jothipala, WD
Amaradeva, Gunadasa Kapuge
and Lata Mangeshkar, etc. are
their best choice. But if we take
Randhir, Infaas Nooruddin,
Iraj, Dushyanth Weeraman,
Lady Gaga, Eminem and
Enrique Iglesias goes to our
Everyone is now banging on
about how Hip-hop is currently
the greatest thing in the world.
Randhir has the best selling
records of the year as well as
Eminem if we take world wide.
However, we know that young
people think rap is great because
it’s at the top of the cultural
pecking order. Also now we are
in a new golden age of Hip-hop.
Music is everywhere! There
is no escaping from it! Music
has been proven to change our
moods. This is why therapists
recommend it. Life without it
would be unthinkable. Music
means different things to many
people. Everybody feels stress in
their life and everybody wants to
be free of it.
However, just as music helps
us to relax it also energizes and
encourages us to push beyond
what we think we are
capable of.
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