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The Nation Sunday, November 9, 2014 Page 7
On November 22, ‘Good night’a
sing along and Dance with Ron-
nie Leitch and Vision with
Damayantha Kuruppu has been
organized by The Rotary Club
of Colombo Down Town and the
British Scholars’ Association to
raise funds to refurbish the hos-
pital kitchen. It will be held at
the BMICH. The cost of a ticket is
Rs 1,500. Tickets are available at
Torana Liberty Plaza and Video
International, 325 Nawala Road
Nawala ,Rajagiriya.
The word, ‘cancer’ sounds dead-
ly. With millions around the world
affected by different types of can-
cers, there is an urgent need to
ensure that proper and quality
treatment is available and acces-
sible to them. In Sri Lanka too,
thousands of men, women and
children suffer from cancer.
The National Cancer Hospi-
tal (NCI) at Maharagama is the
largest Cancer Hospital in Sri
Lanka, to which patients are re-
ferred from all parts of the island
for specialized treatment for all
types of cancers. In a given year,
the NCI helps identify cancers
10,000 new patients, while doing
the follow-up treatment for 30,000
patients. Around 750 patients re-
ceive in-ward treatment daily at
the NCI.
S. Thomas’ College Mount Lavinia and Trinity College Kandy began an annual Table
Tennis encounter. This encounter was held at Mount Lavinia recently. The series also
featured a match between old boys of the two schools. Old Thomians emerged the
victor in this category. ThewinningThomianOldboys team- (from left) JaliyaVimukthi,
Warden, S. Thomas’ Professor, Indra de Soyza (former Junior National Champion) and
Murad Ismaile
Our curiosity in the
skies has been universal
and enduring. Human are
always driven to explore
the unknown, discover new
world, push the boundaries
of our scientific technical
limits. Our relentless desires
to explore challenge the
boundaries of what we
know, and where we have
provided benefits to our
society for centuries. In this
presentation, Dr.Gunapala
will discuss a few selected
planetary missions which
have been exploring the
outer planets of our solar system and
beyond the interstellar space.
Dr. Sarath Gunapala will deliver a
public lecture on ‘Exploration of our Solar
System and beyond…’on November 10,
at the American Center Auditorium. The
American Center sponsors the public
Dr. Sarath Gunapala is
a research scientist, and
a principal member of the
engineering staff at the
NASA’s Jet Propulsion
Laboratory (JPL).
He received a first class
honors in Physics from the
University of Colombo, Sri
Lanka in 1979, and an MS
and PHD in Solid State
Physics, from the University
of Pittsburgh in 1986. In 2014,
he was awarded with the
NASAoutstanding leadership
technical management and
technical and leadership in
the development of novel infra-red detectors
which enables new NASA application’. He
is the recipient of numerous awards, and
was inducted to the United States Space
Technology Hall of Fame 2001.
All are welcome.
A public lecture by
Dr.Sarath Gunapala
Rotary Club raises funds
for Cancer Hospital
Old Thomians win inaugural table tennis match
Here then is hell landscaped
Into departments of the body
Evanescent with preludes
Postscripts operatic shrieks
Of surprise at life’s beginnings
Unexpected endings its intravenous ruby
Translucence swirling through ululant
Emergency rising falsettos diminuendos
Tapering into the screeching silence
Of a 3-wheel stretcher limping
Through the fog of grey-green corridors
Marquees listing those 7,500 named parts
Most susceptible to siege:the life of the liver
The brain the bone the lung the heart
And its liquid gaseous tracts to be
The lone cry of a peacock who loved
To dance but never danced
The poemsung of love abandoned
To the side of a road the dice
Restless never to be thrown
Again yet ready to be cast
by Yaka
Hospital General
Ronnie Leitch
Dr. Sarath Gunapala
Damayantha Kuruppu
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