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Trade in Rubles
and Yuan
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Royal College
Apolitically green
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World Bank
WITHER THE SINHALA BUDDHIST VOTE? Ven Maduluwawe Sobitha Thera, Ven Omalpe Sobitha Thera and Ven
Athureliye Rathana Thera shared a common platform last week as political groups were busy contemplating
alliances in view of possible elections early next year
Pic by Chandana Wijesinghe
Sandun Jayawardana
A police investigation has now been launched
into a fraud amounting to millions of rupees
allegedly committed by several senior officials
of the Northern Provincial Council (NPC). The
alleged fraud involves a project funded by the
World Bank.
Acting Police Spokesman ASP Ruwan
Gunasekara told
The Nation
that Senior DIG,
Northern Range, Pujith Jayasundara had on
Friday (November 14) ordered DIG Jaffna,
K.S.B.R. Dias to conduct an investigation into the
alleged fraud.
The Senior DIG’s directive came after Tamil
National Alliance (TNA) Parliamentarian Suresh
Premachandran wrote to President Mahinda
Rajapaksa and Northern Province Chief Minister
C.V. Wigneswaran requesting for a formal
The World Bank, meanwhile, through its
Senior External Affairs Officer Sandya Salgado
said it was also now ‘looking into the matter in
accordance with the World Bank’s Policy on
Fraudulent Practice’.
When contacted, Premachandran said he
had written to the president and chief minister
following several complaints received by him
regarding misappropriation of funds allocated
to the North East Local Services Improvement
Project (NELSIP), funded mainly by the
World Bank and coming under the Ministry of
Economic Development.
Over Rs.100 million had allegedly been
defrauded from funds allocated to the project,
according to Premachandran.
The Nation
has in its possession documents that do point to
corruption over a large scale of this project.
The man accused of being at the center of the
corruption scandal is Engineer S. Sterjilatharan,
who had reportedly served as District Project
Engineer, NELSIP.
One of the charges leveled against
Sterjilatharan is that while functioning as the
chairman of the project’s Technical Evaluation
Committee (TEC), he had successfully
recommended for several contracts coming
under it to be awarded to a company named
“Scarlet Engineering”. The contracts amount to
millions of rupees.
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Police commence probe on TNA charges
Rukshana Rizwie
It may be hard to reserve a table at some
of the swankiest restaurants located within
the Arcade dining precinct, but when it
comes to hygiene, there’s plenty of room for
improvement, Chief Medical Officer at the
CMC Dr. Ruwan Wijayamuni dished out.
“Sri Lankans are famous for starting out
in style, but once the hype dies down so
does the quality and hygiene standards,”
said Dr. Wijayamuni. “Concerns over hygiene
standards at some of the restaurants have
been brought to our notice on several
He added that six restaurants located
within the Arcade Avenue have been
showing signs of lapses in basic hygiene
standards. “Food inspectors from my
department continue to visit these
restaurants on a regular basis.”
When inquired of a recent incident where
a customer had found worms in a dish of
prawns at one of the popular restaurants, he
said that the complaint should have been
lodged immediately with his department.
“The health inspectors are here till 10pm daily,
so we advice consumers to call us and tell us.
With regards to the above incident, it was not
brought to our notice but we will keep an eye
He added that the CMC can instruct
establishments to clean up their act if they
have a poor hygiene score. “We have been
doing this and have resorted to action
against several establishments, so the wise
thing to do is ring us up and tell us. We take
these complaints seriously.”
Deepal Warnakulasuriya
Hambantota District United National Party MP Sajith
Premadasa has finally admitted that he has an issue with
the party’s Leadership Council Chairman and Gampaha
District MP Karu Jayasuriya.
The Nation
learns that MP
had openly told Ven Maduluwawe Sobhitha Thera that
he had an issue to sort out with MP Jayasuriya, when
he visited the Ven. Thera who was under treatment at a
private hospital.
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National Movement for Social Justice
(NMSJ) will meet its allied political parties
and organizations to sign a memorandum
of understanding on how to proceed at the
upcoming presidential election.
NMSJ’s spokesman Dr Nirmal Ranjith Dewasiri
said that a lot in the agenda and the public
will be informed just after the parties and the
organizations come to common platform.
However, he also said that their main
demands are abolishment of the Executive
Presidency, re-enactment of the 17th
Amendment which was effectively abrogated by
the 18th Amendment and changing the electoral
system. He assured that the United National
Party will be a party to the MoU, but that the
Janatha Vimukthi Peramuna will not since that
party considers a presidential election at this
juncture illegal.
Dr. Dewasiri also said that he is also unsure
of the participation of the Pivithuru Hetak
organization led by Ven. Rathana Thera as they
also have some allegiance to the ruling United
People’s Freedom Alliance via Jathika Hela
“The selection of a common candidate will
arise only after a common platform for our
demands is created,” he added.
NMSJ Head Ven. Maduluwawe Sobhitha Thera
was not available for comment throughout
yesterday, though it was confirmed that his
health condition is back to normal. However,
an official attached to the NMSJ said that
discussions and meetings are taking place daily
and all speculation will end by Wednesday.
‘I have issues
with Karu’
Sajith tells Ven Sobitha
Arcade eateries under scrutiny
NMSJ on track with MoU
Koslanda aftermath
Five relief camps
continue to operate
Sandun Jayawardana
A total of 1655 persons from 492 families affected by
landslides and landslide threat in the Koslanda area were still
being housed at five relief camps yesterday (November 15).
According to figures provided by the army, 417 persons
belonging to 124 families were being sheltered at the Koslanda
Sri Ganesha Tamil School. The rest of are housed at four
relief camps set up in the Poonagala area. Accordingly, 660
persons from 200 families are housed at Poonagala Tamil Maha
Vidyalaya, while 294 persons from 80 families are housed at
the Poonagala Junior School.
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