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Page 2 Sunday, November 16, 2014 The Nation
An embassy of a certain Western
country in Sri Lanka is operating a social
networking website against the government,
Construction, Engineering Services, Housing
and Common Amenities Minister Wimal
Weerawansa told a gathering of Sri Lankan
migrant workers in Ansan, Korea on last
He said they have recruited around 5,000
youth whose salaries are paid by an NGO
which represents that country. Minister
Weerawansa said this during his address
to a section of Sri Lankan migrant workers
in Korea referring to the political situation
in the country ahead of the Presidential
election. He opined that certain internal and
Kokilai, a town in the Mullaitivu Dis-
trict, witness to more tragedies than the
average small town has experienced much
resurgence after the end of the war.
On October 10, Buddhist devotees
came from all parts of the country for the
Katina ceremony of the Sri Sambhodhi
Vihara, a prominent Buddhist temple in
Kokilai. An ice cream dansela sponsored
by officers of the Sri Lanka Customs
working in the Jaffna Office added a note
of hospitality to the event.
Students of the Kokilai Sinhala School
did the serving honors. After the bit-
terness of the war, Sinhala and Tamil
children of Kokilai shared a delicious
moment as they enjoyed many cones of
ice cream. Peace has brought happiness
and enriching social relationships as well
as massive infrastructure development
including carpeted roads, electricity and
new buses.
Ice cream
with annual
external separatist forces and corrupt
NGOs which have long supported the
LTTE’s separatist cause, have become
extensively active to cause a conflict in
the country ahead of the Presidential
“They are doing their level best to
get a candidate who would support
their separatist ideology to contest
the Presidential election, so that
they may be able to give life to their
separatist principle –that is to establish
a separatist Eelam state within Sri
“It is the responsibility of all Sri
Lankans to come together at the
forthcoming Presidential Election to
defeat their plans,” he said. “The aim
of the pro-LTTTE Tamil diaspora and
those foreign powers supporting them
is very clear as of today. They will
support a candidate who will take to
task their separatist scheme,” he said.
“While Tamil National Alliance
parliamentarians say that they will
support a Presidential candidate who
will remove all the military camps in
the North, Opposition Leader Ranil
Wickremesinghe says he will put
into force the 13th Amendment to the
Constitution in full. This means that
Wickremesinghe will give police powers
and land powers to the Northern
Province. There is no need to mention
where this will lead to and what will be
the fate of country,”’ he added.
“If there was civil unrest in a
country when that country is moving
forward , it will be a great obstacle for
the country’s current forward march.
The country went backwards because
of terrorism that prevailed for 30 years.
It is only five years now after the defeat
of LTTE, during which the country has
undergone extensive development as
part of its post war redevelopment and
rehabilitation program. Psychological
rehabilitation has also taken place. The
people have been strengthened.
“Therefore we must discuss how we
will move forward as a country. We
cannot let this country roll backwards.
Our soldiers - the war heroes - saved
this country sacrificing their own
life for us to move on . We have a
responsibility not to rollback to those
dark days of terror.”
Wimal fires salvo at
‘Western Embassy’
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