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The Nation Sunday, November 23, 2014 Page 7
Royal College Group of 86, keeping up
with its traditions and style, celebrated a
yet another Teachers’ Day in grand style,
by hosting their teachers a Royal treat on
November 8, (Saturday) 2014.
On World Teachers’ Day, the basic mes-
sage that a teacher needs to receive is quite
simple. “We appreciate you”. That message
cannot be repeated often enough…
.Teachers of Royal College were taken
to South Beach Resort in Koggala, Galle
on this day by a special train, and were
treated with exceptional care, and ensured
a fun-filled atmosphere all-day along, sans
their otherwise busy lives.
Group of 86 has long been known for its
philanthropic work, and support towards
both past and present Teachers of Royal
College. Our reputation for taking care of
the teachers is widely endorsed and one of
the many important aspects of our Group
that sets us apart from others. Similar pro-
grams we organized in past years were tre-
mendous successes. Not only our contribu-
tions and dedications were well-paid off, it
also set a precedent for various other old
boy groups to follow suit. The Inaugural
Teachers’ Trip was first held in 2001, when
Manju Ariyaratne, as a then committee
member decided to take a step ahead in
taking care of the teachers community of
Royal College, which the Group of 86 was
already renowned for.
It was a time the hospitality industry
was badly hit with the economic downturn
in the country. Fundraising was out of the
question, with the entire world was terror-
ized after 9/11 attacks. Yet the Group man-
aged to raise one million by selling out
1,000 raffle tickets worth of LKR 1,000 each
to meet up the expenses involved in this
mega project. Entire academic staff of
the College along with their spouses were
hosted a Royal treat, at Coral Gardens, Hik-
kaduwa traveled by a special train exclu-
sively booked for the journey up and down.
Teachers and their spouses were attired in
a special dress and a cap, a souvenir which
most still cherish with. They were treated
with gifts, lunch, snacks, gifts in addition
Group of 86 celebrates
Teachers’ Day
to games and other fun activities, etc.
This event provides the Teachers to
take a break from their routine work and
engage themselves in fun-filled activities,
sans their otherwise busy lives; it helps
enhance the unity, camaraderie, and team
work amongst the Teachers, whilst creat-
ing loyalty towards the college and a sense
of belongingness.
Group of 86 is ably led by Dr. Vipula
Wickremasinghe, its President, backed
by an energetic committee and a vibrant
membership across all parts of the world.
More details of the Group of 86 and its
activities could be found at
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