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Aries (Mesha):
Venus moving into Pisces on
February 16 to conjoin Lagnadhipati Mars with
exalted status will bring about a radical change
in all your affairs for the better. You will be able
to go about your workaday affairs with more
confidence. You will find yourself in the company of friends and
persons commanding power, authority and influence. Rahu
powerfully occupying the 6th House prevents a fall from power.
You can look forward to a rise in your career if you are in right
Taurus (Vrushabha):
You can look forward
to an increase in income and patronage from
friends and others holding high office with Lag-
nadhipati Venus moving into Pisces in the 11th
House to conjoin Mars. Sun in the 10th House
commanding Digbala holds out fame and career success. Mer-
cury in your 9th Bhagyasthana continues to confer increased
wealth and general prosperity. Happiness from brothers and
goodwill and co-operation from peers and associates are on
the cards.
Gemini (Mithuna):
Venus due to enter
Pisces in the 10th House on February 16 will
generate the effects of both Amala Yoga and
Malavya Yoga which will bring you enhanced
comforts and luxuries among many other ben-
efits. Mars already in the 10th commanding
Digbala will greatly augment these beneficial results. A rise in
career and travel to a distant place, possibly to a destination
overseas on state business are on the cards. You will not suf-
fer from want as long as Jupiter occupies your 2nd House.
Cancer (Kataka):
The friendly 4th
lord Venus due to attain exalted status
in the 9thBhagyasthana on February 16
will give a boost to your fortunes. This
greatly favorable planetary change is due
to take place when two benefics - Jupiter
and Mercury have already placed you in a very strong position
by occupying the vital Lagna and the 7th House respectively.
The Sun in the 8th House is not favorable for those running
the Sun’s Maha or Antar Dasa. However, the ongoing period
brings gains to authors and working journalists. Gains from
foreign sources and inheritances from the spouse are also
strongly indicated. Power, influence and possibly high political
office are on the cards.
Leo (Simha):
Venus due to attain ex-
altation in your 8th House on February 16
will counter the threat to life posed by Mars
who is already transiting in this House.
The ongoing period is not auspicious for
any event connected with matrimony. You
also have to take precautions to prevent
contracting contagious diseases. The fact that while two of the
three evil Houses the 8th and the 12th have gained strength
to do good due their being occupied by benefics Jupiter and
Venus respectively while the 6th evil House has turned benefi-
cial due to receiving the direct aspect of Jupiter gives stability
to your career, status and financial position.
Virgo (Kanya):
Sun in the 6th House
gives you power and influence. There is
a threat to life for those running Saturn’s
Maha Dasa or a Shani Erashtaka. Mercury
in the 5th Moolatrikona holds out success
and recognition for artistes, academics and
sports persons for their skills and achieve-
ments. High political office is on the cards for natives engaged
in politics if they are running favorable Dasas. Venus attaining
exaltation in your 7th House generates the effects of Malavya
Yoga which assures you of marital happiness and enhanced
living comforts.
Libra (Thula):
You are also a benefi-
ciary of Lagnadhipati Venus moving into
your 6th House on February 16 to gain
exalted status giving rise to the effects of
Harsha Yoga. Peace, comforts and luxuries
as well as educational success are assured
by Mercury in your 4th House receiving the
direct beneficial aspect of Jupiter. You have to be on your
guard to prevent possible injury to right eye and face. Jupiter
in the 10th Karmasthana holds out the prospect of career suc-
cess and possibly a rise to a higher position.
Scorpio (Vrushika):
Venus gaining
exalted status in the 5th House as the lord
of the 10th House and also conjunction with
your Lagnadhipati Mars on February 16 holds
out a brief period of great success for you.
Achievements of your children may bring you
joy. Rahu powerfully placed in the 11th House fortifies you
with courage and resourcefulness to overcome any formidable
challenge. Mercury in the 3rd House gives increased power
and influence as well as popularity. Jupiter in the 9th House as
the lord of your 9th Bhagyasthana assures you of an increased
Sagittarius (Dhanu):
The Latest plan-
etary changes Sun moving into Aquarius in
the 3rd House and Mars into Pisces in your
4th to be followed by Venus to gain exalta-
tion place you in a very strong position
that will witness you full filing many of your
aspirations. Mercury in your 2nd as the lord
of the 10th House brings you fame and increased wealth. This
position also holds out peace and harmony and happiness
in the family. Rahu strong in the 10th Karmasthana can bring
fame and political success. This position is greatly reinforced
by Sun in the 3rd House.
Capricorn (Makara):
Venus attaining
exaltation and conjunction with Lagnadhipati
Mars in the 3rd House assures you of not
only power and influence, but also a great
measure of popularity. Mercury in your
Lagna under the direct aspect of Jupiter
exalted in the 7th House assures you of a period of prosper-
ity, peace and high achievements. Sun in Aquarius in the 2nd
House makes you more liberal and selfless while assuring you
of increased wealth and domestic happiness and harmony.
Swakshetra Rahu in the 9th House gives you gainful distant
journeys, possibly foreign travel.
Aquarius (Kumbha):
Sun in your
Lagna l fortifies you with a new burst of
energy and drive in addition to ensuring your
physical wellbeing. Lagnadhipati Saturn in
the 10th House receiving the special aspect
of exalted Jupiter continues to confer on you
fame and career success. Swakshetra Rahu
in the 8th House confers gains from partnerships and protec-
tion from physical harm. Venus due to attain exalted status in
your 2nd House in the company of Mars raises the prospect of
a period of prosperity.
Pisces (Meena):
You are the greatest
beneficiary of Venus moving into your Lagna
on February 16 to attain exaltation. This plan-
etary position at birth produces the Malavya
Maha Purusha Yoga. This yoga about to be
caused by transiting Venus too will fortify you with
beneficial results during the brief period it is going to last. Mars
in your Lagna makes you energetic and proactive. Lagnadhipati
Jupiter exalted in the 5th House and Mercury in the 11th House
receiving his direct aspect continues to confer on you happiness
from children, business success and a sharp increase in income.
Winners of Crossword No. 445
THE NATION Sudoku 446
Sudoku solution 445
Name .....................................................................................................
Address .....................................................................................................
Solution 445
If you have a logical mind, a pencil and an eraser, you are
qualified to fill in these blanks. The rules? They are simple. Fill
in the grid with numbers, so that every row, every column and
every 3x3 box contains the numerals 1 to 9. No number should
be repeated in any row, column or 3x3 box. Every puzzle has
only one correct solution. See the next issue of The Nation for
the solution.
Sunday, February 15, 2015
(For the week from February 15 Sunday to February 21 Saturday)
What the stars foretell for your Lagna
Answer :…................………………………..................…….……
Name :…................………………………..................…….……
Address :.…...............................................................…………………
Only entries in
English will be
Readers can send in
any number of coupons.
Each fortnight a winner
will receive Rs. 2,000
and the lucky one will
be notified through this
Readers must
remember that their
contributions are
appearing in a national
newspaper and they need
to take responsibility for
the content that they
provide. Publishing
names of contributors is
an editorial requirement.
The Nation,
Rivira Media Corporation
No. 742,
Maradana Road
Colombo 10.
Closing date for entries for
this week: February 25
Note: Winner is
requested to collect
the cash prize
within four weeks.
These monks are awaiting the arrival of the opposition leader of their
country. Can you name the personality who is just about to arrive?
Last winning entry
The winner is eligible for a prize of Rs 2,000. Write in your
bank a/c number detail and mail to;
By Sudarshi
Lahiru Thirimanne
Mb Ferreira
Ex Servicemen Association
Veteran’s Home
7 Unmoved (2, 4)
8 Domain (6)
9 Print (4)
10 Polished courtesy; elegance of
manner (8)
11 A dissenting clique (7)
13 Raise trivial objections (5)
15 Hot fragment of coal (5)
17 Hand-to-hand struggle (7)
20 Inhabitant of Yugoslavia (8)
21 Move around slowly and
aimlessly (4)
23 Ardent (6)
24 Tropical (6)
1 Whole (4)
2 A lightweight protective helmet
(plastic or metal) worn by
construction workers (3,3)
3 Of persons; taken advantage of
4 Aquatic bird (5)
5 Idi Amin's country in Africa (6)
6 Elatively low hill on the lower
slope of a mountain (8)
12 Artificer (8)
14 Briefness (7)
16 Develop (6)
18 Ack-ack gun (3-3)
19 Skid (5)
22 Dainty (4)
Clearly written entries should be addressed to Editor, The Na-
tion, 742, Maradana Road, Colombo 10, to reach on or before
February 21. Write ‘The Nation Crossword No. 447’ on the top
left-hand corner of the envelope.
The first all-correct entry opened, wins a prize of Rs.1, 000
the second Rs.750, and the third Rs.500. There are also three
consolation prizes of Rs.250 each. Names of winners and the
correct solution will be published on March 1, 2015.
PLEASE NOTE: Prize winners will receive a cheque [non
negotiable, account-payee] written in the name of the win-
ning entry, and published in the paper.
First Prize
Shareen Jayasuriya
Apt 4/3
Good Hope Residencies
26/7, De Saram Road
Mount Lavinia
Second Prize
Sr. R de Silva
Holy Family Convent
Colombo 4
Third Prize
KD Agnes Iranganie
74/4/1, Peellaudupita
Consolation Prizes
HM Nimesh Basitha
Henpitagedara Road
MGS Manoja Sitharie
110 Kaldemulla Road
D Corteling
Woodland Mawatha
Today, a part of me passed away
as I attended the funeral of my dear
friend Leon Wickremasinghe.
My fond memories of him was our
friendship thirty years ago in Lon-
don where we were together in a
company called "Eastern Marketing"
that sold Air Ceylon/UTA tickets to
mostly Sri Lankan travelers. We also
worked on a movie together several
years back.
Leon had a dry sense of humor
which slowly and softly filtered out
to an eventual robust laugh. He also
had an old school command of the
English language.
He was a great father to his toddler
son. I had often passed him by on
Horton Place when I observed him
and his son taking a walk. The love,
affection and pride, was exhilarating
and obvious.
His greatest strength was his loy-
alty, which his close friends were
aware of. He was generous with his
credits to others. Leon and I contin-
ued our friendship right up this new
year. I had the privilege of spending
this last New Year’s Eve with Leon
at the Swimming Club dance. We
were both feeling a happy high as we
dropped him off in the early hours of
the New Year. Here was a man who
did not know how to lie. He was dan-
gerous to have around, if one was to
tell a story and distort the facts with
a bias in the storyteller’s favor. Leon
would correct him and set the record
Leon was a man who took numer-
ous personal blows and still came up
with a certain comprehension and
understanding that many, including
myself would not have had.
He was my dear friend that I
enjoyed so much.
Good bye to a real gentleman.
Chandran Rutnam
Leon Wickremasinghe
Generous with his
credit to others
The internationally-acclaimed co-
median, Russell Peters will perform
live in Sri Lanka on February 25 at the
Sri Lanka Exhibition and Convention
Center, Colombo.
This Canadian who understates
himself by saying he’s“ Almost fa-
mous” is one of the finest perform-
ers and has chosen Sri Lanka as
a destination of his world tour.
His prowess to have the audience
engaged in rip roaring bouts of
laughter is legendary and amply
expounded by his sell out perfor-
mances in Toronto’s Air Canada
Center, London and Australia, and
other shows that attracted mas-
sive crowds in US, New Zealand,
Ireland, Afghanistan, South Africa,
India, Jordon, Denmark, Singapore
and many more countries.
A prime influence in the life of this
comedian was George Carin, who
advised him to take the stage when-
ever possible, and the young Peters
who took this to heart soon found
himself globetrotting with immense
popularity due to his wisecracks
and spontaneously infectious hu-
mor. The big break came when his
2004 performance in the Canadian
TV comedy show was uploaded to
You Tube
and went viral making
him an overnight sensation.
The success of Peters’ comic art
lies in his ability of cleverly deliver-
ing humor to highlight racial, ethnic,
class and cultural stereotypes in a
cosmopolitan milieu with cleverly con-
trived classic examples. He uses his
own identity of growing up in an Indian
family and models on the accents of
various ethnic groups to highlight the
cultural individuality of ethnic diversity
and poke innocuous fun at them.
Russell Peters Live in Sri Lanka
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