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Sunday, March 8, 2015
6 Sections Volume 9 No 41
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Jumbos back in action
After a lapse of almost a year, the ‘Elephant Show’ at the National Zoological Gardens, Dehiwala,
recommenced last week. The jumbos, who had been largely confined to their enclosures for a
lengthy period, were snapped by our staff photographer
Chandana Wijesinghe
while getting up
to their old tricks once again
Sri Lanka Freedom Party (SLFP)
politicians who took part in the
Kandy rally, aimed at obtaining
support to make Mahinda
Rajapaksa the United People’s
Freedom Alliance (UPFA) prime
ministerial candidate, say they
have not been informed of any
disciplinary action being taken
against them. Meanwhile, SLFP
bigwigs have mainly chosen to
remain silent regarding the matter.
The SLFP had earlier banned
its elected representatives from
attending rallies organized by
other parties. However, several
MPs along with a large number
of provincial councilors and local
government politicians chose to
defy the ban and take part in the
rally held on March 6 (Friday).
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SLFP bigwigs
silenced by
Kandy rally?
By Maneshka Borham
Minority parties claim to have been
sidelined in the drafting of the new electoral
reforms. According to Tamil National Alliance
(TNA) Jaffna District Parliamentarian Suresh
Premachandran the government hasn’t
reached out to the Alliance with regards to
the proposed electoral reforms.
Speaking to The Nation, Premachandran
said the party believed the forthcoming
elections will be held under the present
preferential voting system and the new
Cabinet decision came as a surprise. “They
must appoint a committee as promised
and consult the minority parties before
any reforms are introduced” he said.
Premachandran added that minority
representation must be ensured and the
government cannot make changes as they
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CCCC promises to provide documents
China Communications Construction Company Limited
(CCCC), the ultimate investor in the Colombo Port
City Project in a statement says that the company has
received an official communiqué from the Secretary to
the Ministry of Ports, Shipping & Aviation, which conveys
the decision taken by the Cabinet Ministers of Sri Lanka,
directing the suspension of the ongoing work for the
Port City Project, with immediate effect.
The communiqué further directs CHEC Port City
Colombo (Pvt.) Ltd to submit valid permits and approvals
issued by the relevant government authorities. The
company assured in the statement that all necessary steps
will be taken to provide these requested documents as
instructed by the Ministry to abide by the notification
received, without prejudice to the legal rights of the
company under the Agreement entered into with the
Government of Sri Lanka on September 16, 2014, to
develop the Port City Project.
Lanka fancy
their chances
at SCG
‘Two Nation’ claim
by Chief Minister
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over floating
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Despite a promise being made
by the Central Bank Governor
Arjuna Mahendran that a detailed
response to recent allegations that
a firm connected to the Governor
had allegedly through insider-
trading unfairly profited from the
recent Treasury Bond auction,
there has not been any response
made by the government.
There have been rising concerns
in bond markets over controversial
deals made over the past week
by primary dealer, Perpetual
Treasuries, a firm connected to
Arjun Aloysius, the son-in-law
of Governor Arjuna Mahendran.
Perpetual Treasuries Limited, a
fully owned subsidiary of Perpetual
Asset Management whose parent
company is Perpetual Capital
Pvt Ltd is a family run company
headed by Arjun Aloysius
functioning as its Chief Executive
The Central bank recently
announced its 30 year bond
auction and according to Central
Bank expectations the rates were
expected to be in the range of
9.5%. However, the rate went up
to 12.5%, allegedly on a directive
of the new Governor. It has been
alleged that Perpetual Treasuries,
having had insider information
(knew this well in advance) that
the rates at the auction will climb
up had sold off several 5-10 year
bonds at low rates and later cashed
in raking in a big profit at the 30
year Treasury Bond auction.
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CB Bonds issue
Harsha vows
to go after
By Charith Udana Silva
State Minister of Higher Education
Prof. Rajiva Wijesinha, who was a front
runner to form this government, is still
waiting to hear from Prime Minister
Ranil Wickremesinghe whether his letter
of resignation has been accepted by the
latter. Speaking to
The Nation
, Wijesinha
said he even returned his monthly
salary, which he had received in the
form of a cheque, and had requested
only half of it.
Minister Wijesinha said that the response
he had received for his letter was a phone
call from Higher Education Minister
Kabir Hashim. He had asked Wijesinha
to participate in an event in Trincomalee,
last Tuesday. “After eleven days of
stunning silence, Kabir Hashim rang me
last Monday. His officials have arranged
his schedules without his knowledge and
he wanted me to attend that. I explained
my situation and refused,” Wijesinha said.
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By Ashani Jayasundara
and Sahla Ilham
Despite the National Medicinal
Drugs Regulatory Authority Bill
(better known as the National
Drugs Policy Bill) being passed in
Parliament, the Frontline Socialist
Party (FLSP) has dismissed it as a bill
which seeks to privatize the health
Frontline Socialist Party Propaganda
Secretary, Pubudu Jayagoda alleged
that the drug policy was passed
in Parliament in an undemocratic
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Electoral Reforms
Minority parties sidelined
Also ensures it will comply with the laws of the country
Prof. Wijesinha says
‘I am clueless how
things are happening’
FLSP dismisses Drug Policy Bill
Move to privatize health sector
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