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Sunday, March 8, 2015
Sahitya Akademi, India
has instituted a Fellowship
named after Hindi writer
Premchand during his
125th Birth Anniversary,
which is offered every year
to a person of eminence in
the field of culture and lit-
erature from each SAARC
Member State.
The period of Fellow-
ship is one month to three
months depending on the
convenience and availabil-
ity of the writer/scholar
and arrangements for the
boarding and lodging, in-
ternational travel and trav-
el within India are made by
the Sahitya Akademi. The
visiting Fellow will have to
deliver talks/speech on his/
her works in different plac-
es of India during his/her
visit. Poet and author Sum-
athy Sivamohan, Poet Prof.
Yasmine Gooneratne and
Jean Arasanayagam from
Sri Lanka were awarded
the prestigious Premchand
Nominations are invited
from eminent Sri Lankan
personalities in the field of
culture and literature.Pub-
lishers as well as literary
institutions of Sri Lanka
can also sent nominations
of the scholars/writers
with their detailed biodata.
The nominations could be
forwarded to the IndianCul-
tural Centre, 16/2 Gregory’s
Road, Colombo or email to
on,or before March 15, 2015.
For further details please
contact the Indian Cultural
Center on telephone no:
2684698 and Email:
Premchand Fellowship 2O15
Russia marked its 58th
anniversary of diplomatic
relations between the two
countries on February 27,
2015 at the Russian Centre
Auditorium in Colombo.
The event was chaired by
the Ambassador of the
Russian Federation to Sri
Lanka and the Maldives,
Alexander Karchava, and
attended by all members
of the Sri Lanka-Russia
Friendship Society.
Concurrently with the
58th anniversary celebra-
tions of the diplomatic
relations of both coun-
tries, they also celebrated
the 56th anniversary of
the Friendship Society.
The event was conducted
by Friendship Society
General Secretary, Dr. Sa-
man Weerasinghe and ad-
dressed the gathering by
former minister and the
president of the Society
MP Susil Premajayantha
and several others.
Politicians and schol-
ars such as Dr. Pallekande
Rathanasara Thera, Raja
Ekanayake, Somawansha
Amarasinghe, Ajith P.
Perera and several others
were present at the event.
The Sri Lanka-Russian
Friendship society was
established on February
9, 1957 by the late SWRD
Bandaranaike as Prime
Minister and Foreign Min-
ister of the then new gov-
ernment which was elected
in 1956.
The SL- Russia diplomatic relation
marks 58th anniversary
Selma, United States
Tracing the footsteps
of civil rights leaders who
made his journey to the
President Barack Obama
was on Saturday expected
to visit Selma, Alabama to
enlist a new generation in
their fight.
president will mark the 50th
anniversary of the fateful
march across the Edmund
Pettus Bridge, where brutal
catalyzed support for black
voting rights.
Accompanied by wife
Michelle and daughters
Sasha andMalia, Obamawill
argue that events in the city
half a century ago are not
confined to place or time.
“Selma is not just about
commemorating the past,”
Obama said on the eve of the
“It’s about honoring the
legends who helped change
this country through your
actions today, in the here and
On March 7, 1965, some
600 peaceful activists were
attacked by police with
clubs and tear gas at the
bridge, a seminal moment
in America’s democracy.
A few months later, the
Voting Rights Act was
passed. Before the act,
it was easier for states
like Alabama to restrict
voter registration through
violent intimidation and
bureaucratic racism.
“Selma is about the
courage of ordinary people
doing extraordinary things
because they believe they
can change the country,”
Obama said.
“Selma is about each of
us asking ourselves what
we can do to make America
better. And historically, it
has been young people like
you who helped lead that
The history of what
happened at Selma on
an Oscar-nominated film
Oyelowo as Martin Luther
But Saturday’s address
also comes as today’s
police treatment of black
Obama in Selma for milestone
march’s 50th anniversary
A police boat patrols beneath the Edmund Pettus Bridge prior to a visit by US President
Barack Obama on March 6, 2015 in Selma, Alabama (AFP)
The Marine Environment
Protection Authority has or-
ganized an all-island competi-
tion to promote public aware-
ness on ‘Marine Environment
Protection’. The competition
is open to all schoolchildren
under three categories as
Grades 6, 7, 8 and 9, 10, 11 and
12, 13. The participants can
send posters, essays and poet-
ry on ’The Ocean is a resource
for us’ or ‘It is our responsi-
bility to protect the ocean’ or
‘If the ocean is protected, we
will also be protected’. The
competition is only in Sinhala
The winners will be award-
ed with cash prizes, and the
first place will be awarded Rs.
75,000, second place Rs. 50,000
and third place Rs. 25,000. All
submissions should be sent
on or before March 11, 2015
to the General Manager, Ma-
rine Environment Protection
Authority, No. 758, Baseline
Road, Colombo 9. You are also
free to visit and hand over the
entries. The winners will be
awarded at a function head-
ed by President Maithripala
Sirisena on March 22.
For more details contact:
011-2687520, 011- 2690604.
Competition to promote public awareness
1,2,3,4,5,6 8-9,10,11,12,13,14,15,16,17,18,...76
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