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The High Commission of
the Islamic Republic of Pak-
istan in Sri Lanka invites
applications for award of
Jinnah Scholarships from
deserving Sri Lankan stu-
dents pursuing their studies
at O’ Levels and A Levels.
The Government of Paki-
stan is awarding Jinnah
Scholarships for Sri Lanka
O/A level students for past
10 years through its High
Commission in Sri Lanka.
The scholarships are
named after the great states-
man and leader of the Sub
Continent, Quaid-e-Azam
Mohammad Ali Jinnah,
who is the founder of Paki-
The scholarships are
awarded on the basis of
a strict criteria involving
merit and need for financial
assistance. Under this pro-
gramme, each successful
student receives stipend of
SL Rs. 24,000 as assistance
for one year to pursue their
studies. The Government
of Pakistan is awarding the
Jinnah Educational Schol-
arships since 2005 and so far
over 1152 Sri Lankan Stu-
dents have benefited from
this scheme. During the past
10 years approximately Rs.
39 Million worth of scholar-
ships have been awarded for
promoting the Sri Lankan
youth and the education
sector in Sri Lanka.
During year 2014 the
Government of Pakistan
awarded over SL Rs. 3.5 mil-
lion worth of educational
scholarships to 140 bright
Sri Lankan O/L and A/L
students and 12 promising
working journalists under
Jinnah Educational Schol-
arship programme.
The application forms
may be collected from the
High Commission located
at 42 & 44 Bullers Lane, Co-
lombo 7. The forms can also
be downloaded from the of-
ficial website of the High
- The Last date for
receipt of applications is 29
April 2015.
In a separate announce-
ment, the High Commission
of Pakistan also invites
applications for Urdu Lan-
guage Training Classes for
the interested Sri Lanka
nationals and members of
Pakistan community based
in Sri Lanka.
Under the UrduLanguage
Training Programme, the
High Commission would be
providing relevant books,
reading, writing and speak-
ing language training and
other facilities free of cost.
The last date for submission
of applications to the High
Commission is 5th May
Saturday, April 25, 2015
Reinforcing the theme of unity,
reconciliation and peace, over
300 Sri Lankans in Austria came
together in Vienna, joined by the
Austrian community and friends
of Sri Lanka, to celebrate the Sin-
hala and Tamil New Year on April
11(Saturday), 2015 at the Sri Lan-
ka Embassy in Vienna.
Addressing what was an event-
ful all-day program organised
together with Vienna Dhamma
Zentrum and the Sri Lankan com-
munity, Ambassador ALA Azeez,
Sri Lanka’s envoy in Vienna, elab-
orated on the progress made, and
measures currently underway, to
strengthen Sri Lanka’s resilient,
inclusive national fabric under
the pragmatic leadership of Pres-
ident Maithripala Sirisena. Am-
bassador Azeez stressed that the
time-tested, diverse social and cul-
tural features of Sri Lanka, com-
bined with their intrinsic tenets
and values, provided the bedrock
on which national togetherness
and reconciliation were being ce-
The Sri Lanka New Year pro-
gramwas held in two components.
The morning program started
with a religious event, where all
of Sri Lanka’s faiths were repre-
sented. Religious rites invoking
blessings were conducted by the
Most Ven. Dr. Wijayarajapura
Seelawansa Thera, Ven. Nippon-
zan Myohoji Gyosei Masunaga,
Shri Bimal Kundu, Rev. Abbot
and Imam Vehid Podojak.
At the multi-faceted cultural
component that followed, a Sri
Lanka cultural troupe based
in Milan, comprising Pavithra,
Kaushalya, Kawyanli and Sa-
jith de Silva enthralled the audi-
ence with their traditional dance
forms on the theme of peace and
unity as well as with a Sinhala
folk dance. Representing Tamil
culture, Ms. Kumudini Kaindal,
who was born in Batticaloa in the
Eastern Province of Sri Lanka,
performed a classical dance as
well as a special dance devoted to
the theme of ‘peace for people of
Sri Lanka and children of our fu-
ture’. Her two performances and
the Bharathanatyam and semi-
classical dances staged by Ms.
Ponraj Nageswari and Ms. Geetha
Anandan Chinmaya were praised
by the audience. A group of Sri
Lankan children in Austria also
performed a dance, welcoming
the dawn of New Year, much to
the applause of all.
New Year celebrations
in Vienna
He was first and foremost
a patriot, to the end. And he
explored and captured in pic-
ture the land he loved from the
best angles possible. Nihal Fer-
nando left us last week, but he
left behind everything that his
gaze had gathered over many
Studio Times, which he devel-
oped into a repository of all the
grandeur and subtlety he cap-
tured, issued a short statement
which echoes the sentiments
shared by all those who admired
and loved this exceptional citi-
‘Overhalf acenturyago,Nihal
pher of Studio Times Ltd., start-
ed travelling the many roads
of Lanka with camera in hand,
photographing his island home.
On April 20(Monday), 2015, aged
87, he breathed his last. We ask
those who cherished him in life
to plant a tree in his memory. He
would like that.’
[Also see page 10 of the IN-
SIGHT Section for tributes]
Turkish Navy frigate TCG
Gediz will arrive at Colombo
Port on Sunday, April 26, 2015.
The goodwill visit of the ship
(from April 26 to 28) to Sri
Lanka is part of the commem-
oration activities of the 125th
anniversary of the voyage of
Frigate Ertuğrul to Japan.
During its 122-day mission
started on April 1 from the Port
of Aksaz, TCG Gediz will visit
18 ports in 14 countries and
cover 20,300 nautical miles.
125 years ago, in response to
a visit of friendship paid by
Japanese royal family mem-
bers to İstanbul in 1887, Ot-
toman Sultan Abdülhamid
II ordered a reciprocal visit.
The Ertuğrul frigate, which
departed from İstanbul on July
14, 1889, continued its travel
by visiting the ports includ-
ing port of Colombo along the
On their way to Japan, the
ship arrived at Colombo port
on 1st November 1889 and
stayed there for five days. Dur-
ing her stay in Colombo, it is
said to have been visited by
tens of thousands of Sri Lank-
in June 1890 the frigate arrived
in Yokohama port in Japan. The
commander of the ship Osman
Pasha and his crew managed
to complete a successful visit.
On the return voyage, however,
the frigate, which had set out in
September, sunk on September
16, 1890, near the Japanese port
of Kushimoto, leaving 531 Otto-
man sailors dead. Only 69 of the
crew survived. The voyage of
Frigate Ertuğrul ended up tragi-
cally as the ship was caught by a
During the commemorative
visit of TCG GEDİZ, the com-
manders of the ship will meet
senior naval officials/field com-
manders in Colombo and joint
military training programs will
be conducted by the crew and
Sri Lanka Navy personnel.
The visit will contribute to
further enhancement of the
bilateral relations and people-
to-people contacts between the
military authorities of two
friendly countries.
Turkish Navy frigate
arrives in Colombo
DF Kariyakarawana func-
tioned as the editor of Dinami-
na, Janatha and Silumina in a
journalistic career that exceed-
ed half a century. It could be
said that he never really retired
as he continued to pen inter-
esting and informative pieces,
especially on the subject of the
Sinhala Language and its cor-
rect usage until the very end.
DF as he was fondly known by
one and all was a prolific writer.
Perhaps his greatest contribu-
tion to his chosen profession
was his extensive and beauti-
fully written commentaries on
language. As such, he has influ-
enced not just the readership of
the newspapers he wrote to but
generations of journalists.
Born into a Catholic family,
DF converted to Buddhism on a
Vesak Poya Day when he was a
youngman. His final rites there-
fore were performed according
to that particular tradition. As
per his request, everything was
kept simple, and his remains
were handed over to the Medical
College, Malabe. He is survived
by his sons Muditha (also a jour-
nalist) and Ruwan, daughters
Mala, Hasitha and Gayana. His
eldest grandchild, Kurulu, as
though following a family tradi-
tion is also a journalist.
He was the best-known and
most-loved singer from the Ma-
lay Community. Ironically and
sadly, his last years were spent
in silence, suffering from an
ailment that robbed him and
his fans of his voice.
Haroon Lantra was an A
grade artiste of SLBC and in
its earlier avatar ‘Radio Cey-
lon’. For decades, he was a
much-sought after playback
artiste. ‘Mage Namalee’ (from
the film ‘Gopalu Handa’) and
‘Sulang Kurullo’ (Wind bird)
were signature numbers that
brought him prominence.
He was conferred with the
title ‘Mushik Hoori’ in 1991 by
the Muslim Cultural Ministry
and the ‘Kalabhooshana’ title
in 2003 for his contributions in
the field of music from 1947 to
1997. He was also recipient of
two Sarasavi Awards.
Nihal Fernando (1927-2015)
Bequeathed the capture of his gaze
Haroon Lantra (1931-2015): The
wind bird goes silent
DF Kariyakarawana (1921-2015)
had the last word
The Consulate of Sri Lanka in Chengdu
organized Sinhala & Tamil New Year cel-
ebrations on 14th April 2015 with the ac-
tive participation of the Sri Lankan com-
munity in Sichuan Province composed of
members of the business expatriate com-
munity, as well as students from Huaxi
Medical College at Huaxi sports field.
The grand celebrations community of
Sri Lankan traditions including some typ-
ical ‘Avurudhu Kreeda’ (New year games)
and other activities was well attended by
the entire community wearing their re-
spective national dress.
The Head of the mission, Consul
Kaandeepan Bala in the opening remarks
briefed the community members on the
current developments in Sri Lanka and
stressed the importance of upholding
Sri Lankan traditions wherever the com-
munity was and urged the participants to
preserve the unique and secular identity
of Sri Lanka. He also assured of the full-
est cooperation of the Consulate in their
endeavors towards promoting trade and
tourism from Chengdu.
A fusion Dance performance by the
University students and a Musical perfor-
mance provided an authentic Sri Lankan
flavour to the evening events that ended
with a sumptuous Lankan cuisine served
at the Hotel Huaxi. Sri Lankan Airlines,
and the Consulate co-hosted the celebra-
Sinhala and Tamil
New Year Festival
in Chengdu
Several prominent writers and artists of years gone by passed on last week.
‘The Nation’ remembers and offers these sketches by way of tribute
They’ve moved from text to memory
Sri Lankan youth
Pakistan announces
prestigious Jinnah
Mohammad Ali Jinnah
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