The Nation Sunday Print Edition - page 76

Printed and published by Rivira Media Corporation (Pvt) Ltd. on Saturday April 25, 2015 at 249/2, Sri Saddharma Mawatha, Maligawatte, Colombo 10.
Am I free?
They told me I was going to be free
They took me away from my cage
For a moment I was stupid to believe
That freedom was so easy to gain
And then I felt cold metal against my skin
The clank of chains dragging behind me
I felt them click shut around my leg
And I knew my freedom was once again lost
They come to see me now, in my new home
They are happy that I’m no longer caged
I see their smiling faces and want to ask them
If they would prefer to be caged or chained
We are called majestic creatures
And yet no one realizes we are wild beasts
Our purpose in life isn’t to entertain humans
But to run freely in the forests
(Sri Lanka’s first open-air zoo in a 48-acre land
adjacent to the famousPinnawalaElephantOrphanage
in Kegalle district was declared open on April 17.
Pics by Chandana Wijesinghe
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