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Saturday, April 25, 2015
Festival and Get-together organized
by Colombo Zone 3 of People’s Bank Pensioners’
Association was held recently at the Winrich
Holiday Home at Madapatha, Piliyandala.
Festival and Get-together or-
ganized for the 5th time by Colombo Zone 3 of
People’s Bank Pensioners’ Association with the
participation of retired senior citizens of the
People’s Bank and their children and giving first
place to Sinhala customs, folk songs and folk
dances. Whilst a large number of Officers and
members of Colombo Zone 3 participated in this
festival, several Office bearers of Parent Associa-
tion including the Chairman of People’s Bank
Pensioners’ Association took part as invitees.
All participants including Senior Citizens
were welcomed by the Association with an Avu-
rudu Festival Treat comprised
milk rice
prepared according to Sinhala tradition and a
On this UN Earth Day, the Swarna
HansaFoundation is seriously takingnote
of continuous disregard of the UNFAO to
peasants, appeal that UNFAO compensate
reclaim and restore their land and soil
, the Earth, the source of their life and
livelihood is compelled to condemn the
UN rhetoric on Earth Day and take the
matter to peasants’ tribunal.
Today all agricultural land, soil,
and water in Sri Lanka are filled and
poisoned by so called agricultural inputs
introduced by the UNFAO. As a result,
more than half of the population lives
on medication introduced by the WHO,
another unit of the UN. During the last
few years, more than 50,000 people have
died by chronic kidney (CKD) caused
by agrochemicals introduced to this
country by the FAO. According to its own
reports, more than 500,000 are affected by
the CKD, and other non communicable
diseases caused by the same cause. The
researches on the subject repeatedly
state that all lives on earth in the country
will be affected in the near future if no
preventive action is taken immediately.
It also makes it a point that, helping
establish more hospitals will not be right
What needs to be done is to stop
applying agrochemicals, more precisely
fossil fuel products to the Earth and its
environment. Of course it has a cost,
but that cannot be expected borne by the
peasants, according to the principle that
the FAO, the polluter of Earth needs to
pay. The Swarna Hansa Foundation has
been making this request to the FAO
continuously for the last few years.
Since pollution of the Earth and water
the source of life of livelihood of the
peasants is a violation of Fundamental
Rights; the matter was taken to the
Sri Lanka Human Rights Commission
as well. But no assistance seems to be
forthcoming. It was also referred to the
UN Human Rights Commission- Geneva.
No Action. Therefore Swarna Hansa
Foundation will have no alternative but
to condemn the inaction of UN as well as
its rhetoric in this regard and take the
matter to peasants’ tribunal.
Gallege Punyawardena
UN Earth Day
People’s Bank Pensioners
Winning teams carryingmummiesmade
of newspapers
This set of books
is the latest anthology
from Michael Roberts
that caters to the
reading public in
Lanka and elsewhere
by collecting
his essaying
interventions in
the public realm,
usually on web,
within one cover.
These articles were
written between
2009 and 2012.
Two long articles,
however, are
new products
drafted in 2012.
One explores
the significance of a Karaiyar
caste coterie within the LTTE, while
clarifying the ideological currents that
inspired their opposition to the Sinhala-
dominated State. The other clarifies
the circumstances of the Tamil peoples
within the de facto to state of Thamilīlam
from 2002 onwards and especially within
the crucible of war in ‘the Vanni Pocket’
in 2009 and thence to the detention
centres at the Mänik Farm.
This first volume was ready in mid-
April 2013. The visual images serving
this work took longer to prepare and
in the course of its journey fresh
developments induced Roberts to pen two
essays in late 2013 and early 2014 which
comment critically on the pursuits of
the Western states and media as well as
various humanitarian agencies for their
manipulation of facts and a refusal to
address existing literature – a refusal
that brings their ethics
into question.
Among the
in TPS:
is one that
reproduces in
full the original
of the ITAK
or “Federal
Freedom Party”.
Roberts, Rhodes
Scholar for
Ceylon in 1962,
is a historian by,
and has taught at
the Department of
History, Peradeniya
University (1961-76)
and the Department
of Anthropology,
University (1977-
2003). His major works are in agrarian
history, social mobility, nationalism and
ethnic conflict. Among his major works
Caste Conflict and Elite Formation:
The Rise of a Karāva Elite in Sri Lanka,
1500-1931(1982); People In between(1989);
Exploring Confrontation(1994); Narrating
Tamil Nationalism(2005); Sinhala
Consciousness in the Kandyan Period,
1590s -1815(2004); and Essaying Cricket:
Sri Lanka and Beyond
VijithaYapa Publications, 2006). He has
also edited the several volumes on Sri
Lanka entitled
Collective Identities (1979,
1997and1998). More recently, VijithaYapa
Publications has presented three of
his anthologies: Confrontations in Sri
Lanka (2009), Fire and Storm (2010) and
Incursions & Excursions in and around
Sri Lanka Cricket
The latest anthology from
Michael Roberts
Mihindukulasuriya welcomes the members
Boston’s Five Star Profession-
al magazine has chosen Janath
V De Silva, a Sri Lankan born
LUTCF of Boston Partners Fi-
nancial Group, LLC, as one of
Boston’s Five Star Wealth Man-
agers for this year. De Silva, a
past pupil of Royal College, Co-
lombo, currently resides in the
United States of America and
the field De Silva was chosen in
is the highly business of life in-
Life insurance is an essential
product in the area of wealth
management and is important
for saving, investing and passing
on wealth to the next generation.
“Throughout my career, it has
been my mission to serve as my
client’s leading resource and ad-
vocate in the fulfillment of their
financial goals,” De Silva says.
He adds that he is honored to
have been recognized as one of
Boston’s Five Star Wealth Man-
agers, saying that it is due to the
dedication and ongoing com-
mitment to his clients. De Silva
was chosen through a rigorous,
multi-faceted research method-
ology which incorporates inputs
from peers and firm leaders.
The Five Star Wealth Manag-
ers awards program is being
held for the 12th consecutive
year and is based on in-depth,
market specific research to iden-
tify premium service profes-
sionals in 45 field in the US and
Canada. Candidates are evaluat-
ed on 10 objective eligibility and
evaluation criteria and these in-
clude client retention rates and
complaint history.
Janath V De Silva
Janath V De Silva honored
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