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Sunday, May 10, 2015
5 Sections Volume 9 No 48
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Bandula Gunawardena sets off from the Aluthkade court complext in a bus to
the much publicized ‘Bring Back Mahinda’ rally in Kurunegala immediately after
receiving bail over the ‘national flag’ matter
Pic by Chandana Wijesinghe
From Aluthkade to a
‘parana kade’
By Sandun Jayawardana
The Central Environmental Authority
(CEA) is conducting an extensive
probe into allegations that for years,
a factory involved in extracting lead
from used batteries has been dumping
hazardous waste resulting from the
extraction process at several areas in
The revelations came after a tipper
vehicle allegedly transporting such
hazardous waste was taken into custody
by the Mundalama Police on March
16. The vehicle had allegedly been
transporting lead waste from the factory
of NICO Battery Manufacturers Ltd. in
Bingiriya to be dumped near the tank
located in the Pulichchakulama village in
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CEA probes factory dumping
hazardous waste
By Deepal Warnakulasuriya and
Sandun Jayawardana
With the issue of unauthorized settlements
in the region surrounding Wilpattu National
Park now reaching boiling-point, Secretary
to the President, P.B. Abeykoon has directed
the Ministry of Mahaweli Development and
Environment to conduct an immediate
The Nation
When contacted, Secretary to the Ministry
of Mahaweli Development Environment, Nihal
Rupasinghe on Friday (May 8) confirmed that
a directive had come from the Presidential
Secretariat to probe the matter. Accordingly, a
team of officials, under Secretary to the State
Ministry of Environment, W.M.V. Narampanawa,
is due to visit the region on Saturday (May
9). Rupasinghe said the team will also consist
of officials from the Department of Forest
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orders probe
No illegal
– Rishad
Illegal settlements
spreading –
Some of the houses which environmentalists claim are
unauthorized constructions on protected forest lands
Boundary markers put up by
the Dept of Forest Conservation
uprooted by encroachers
By Azhar Razak
Sri Lanka’s main Muslim political party,
Sri Lanka Muslim Congress (SLMC), is
likely to face a popularity setback in
their stronghold areas of Kalmunai and
Sainthamaruthu at the forthcoming
General Elections, independent
observers’ in the region predicted
last week. According to sources, who
wished to be named, the popularity of
the SLMC in the Eastern Province has
been fast eroding as certain decisions
taken by the party’s High Command
during the past few years haven’t been
in line with the thinking of its support-
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SLMC to face
setback in
Former President Mahinda Rajapaksa in a
statement rejected Foreign Minister Mangala
Samaraweera’s claim that around USD 18
billion had been deposited overseas by the
Rajapaksa family. The former had noted it as a
sinister move by the Foreign Minister to sling
mud at him with false allegations.
He also said that earlier they were bringing
him such allegations that hotels, houses and
restaurants which are being constructed
everywhere in the country were owned by
the Rajapaksas and now they look for new
ways and means. However, he affirmed that
he, his wife, sons or brothers do not have
secret accounts in overseas banks or any
kind of investments as claimed by Minister
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No family money
stashed overseas: MR
Accuses Mangala of mud-slinging
We write in reference to
the article carried by your
esteemed publication on the
2nd of May 2015, concerning
Ceylinco Insurance. The
headline of this news article
we find to be profoundly
mischievous and misleading,
and in it, we see a sinister
motive, to discredit a
company, which has
maintained best practices
and the highest reputation
for several decades.
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Editor’s Note
cup and lip
There seems to be a little
slip between ‘not being in the
habit of never lying to our
shareholders, policy holders
or the general public’ and the
promise ‘we will never lie.’
At your last AGM, where
the shareholders pointed
out the irregularities with
regard to the appointment of
directors in violation of IBSL
law, a director of your Board,
Upali Vitharana had said, “it
has not been an issue with
the regulator so far. The day
they make an issue of course
we will take the steps.” The
regulator told us last week
that it was an issue and they
had addressed the matter
with you.
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Saturday, May 2, 2015
5Sections Volume9No47
LKR 40.00
TheTreasury has lost approximatelyRs
76billion in the eight (8) yearsbetween
2007 and 2014 inpotential incomedue to
weak and inconsistent taxationon tobacco
Research saidonThursday.
Dr.deMel, speakingon ‘Tobacco
Economics andTaxation inSri Lanka’ at the
national summit titled ‘TowardsTobaccoFree
Sri Lanka,’pointedout that the excise tax
rate hadbeen lowered from 71% for themost
soldbrand in 2006 to levels lower than60%
in next 8 years.Hisdata showed thatone
brand hadbeen taxedonly41% in 2008.The
rateswereonce again increased to above
70% inOctober 2014.
The loss calculatedbydeMel is the excise
revenue lost togovernmentby not keeping
excise taxes at this 70% rate in the 8 years
between 2007 and 2014.
Workingon thebasicpremises thatprice
is themaindriverof consumer choice and
that taxation is a keydriverofprice,deMel
argued that economic and taxpolicy regimes
in thisperiod hadsignificantly increased
the affordabilityof cigarettes in addition to
causing amassivedecline in tax revenue.
The numberof cigarettes affordable (per
annumperperson) has increased from
around 10 thousand to close to 16 thousand
between 2000 and 2015, affordabilitybeing
calculatedbasedon averageper capitaGDP
DrdeMel’s calculations showed that If
pricing had followed socialpolicygoals and
therefore factored in affordability themost
soldbrandwould now have cost aroundRs.
49 asopposed toRs 30per stick.
Observing that historically thedecision-
makingprocess hasbeen closed,Drde
Mel strongly advocated anopenprocess
which allows forwider contributionswhich
will in turn result inmorepredictable and
EconomistMarkGoodchild, in his
presentation to the Summit also argued that
there is a strong economic justification for
implementing tobacco controlmethods,
focusingmainlyon thedemonstrated causal
relationshipbetween health and labor
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A seniorofficialof the InsuranceBoardof Sri Lanka (IBSL) has
disputed a claimmade to shareholdersofCeylinco Insurance that
the IBSL has not raised any issue regarding the appointmentof its
A senior IBSLofficial,who spokeongroundsof anonymity, said
the IBSL had indeed raised issuewith the companyon thematter
and had also helddiscussions.However, theofficial said they
expectedCeylinco Insurance to follow throughwith thepromise to
rectify thematter after the segregationof thebusiness lateron.
This followed the lastAnnualGeneralMeeting (AGM) heldby
Ceylinco Insurancewhere shareholderspointedout irregularities in
the appointmentofdirectors.
Itwas said that the appointmentofdirectorswas indirect
contravention to IBSL ruleswhich states ‘themaximum numberof
employees the insurer can haveon itsBoard is 1/3rdof the total
numberofdirectorson theBoard.’
Itwaspointedout that altogether therewere 16directorson the
Ceylinco InsuranceBoard andof that number 11were executive
directors andonly 5were independent.Shareholders say the
company has continued to violate the said section 33A(2) at
consecutiveAnnualGeneralMeetings since 2011when electing,
nominating and appointingdirectors to itsBoard.
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Ceylinco Insurance
lies to shareholders
White collar
terrorists on
the loose
15,000 killed every year
Hundreds of thousands ‘wounded’
Annual cost to economy
‘Closed-door’ policy making thwarts combat efforts
dustry and
deen has called for
entof aPresidential
toprobe allegations
zed settlements inside
ion in response to aquery
heNation regarding
that under theminister’s
peoplewere continuing
ally resettled in theNorth
ring awayofprotected
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TheNation learns that although the
committee appointed toprobe the
controversialBond Issueby theCentralBank
recommended an inquiry into the involvement
of theBankofCeylon (BoC),no actionhas
been taken so far.
TheCommittee found that therewasnodirect
clearly implied thepossibilityofcomplicity
More than twentyMayDayRallieswere held atColombo.
Sri LankaFreedomParty,UnitedNationParty,Peoples
LiberationFront,DemocraticParty,Front Line Socialist
Party and theOppositionAlliance,which is trying tobring
backMahindaRajapaksa, hadbrought their supporters and
members inColombo to show their strength.
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Frontline SocialistParty (FLSP) in apressbriefing
justified the independentMPAjithKumara’s
absention from the voting for the 19thAmendment to
theConstitutionwhichwaspassed inParliament last
Tuesday. Identifying theMP asoneof theirmembers,
FLSP’sPubudu Jayagoda said that the country has
an issue about thedemocracy and it has nothing to
dowith theExecutivePresidency,but the new liberal
USSecretaryofState JohnKerry
arrives inSriLanka today for an
official visit.Hewillmeetgovernment
leaders, includingPresidentMaithripala
Sirisena andPrimeMinisterRanil
Wickremesinghe, civil society
members, andother representatives
during this visit.
announced that trafficwillbe restricted
at several locations inColombo today
due toKerry’s visit.Accordingly, traffic
willbe restricted along theColombo-
KatunayakeExpressway from the
Bandaranaike InternationalAirport
from 7.45-8.30am.Trafficwill also
be restricted from 2.00-2.30pm and
3.00-3.30pm fromKollupitiya toKelani
Viharaya andback,police said.
S Secretary
f State
arrives today
FLSP justifies Ajith
Kumara’s absention
Probe on Bond Issue
No follow-up action on BoC
More than 20 May Day rallies in Colombo
Major political parties
display their strength
Former Leader of the Janatha Vimukthi Peramuna (JVP) Somawansa
Amarasinghe, who recently estranged from the party, cut a lone figure
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One mAn iS nOt A FrOnt
andblues. Allfortheworkers
andtheirrights. meanwhile
nO mAy DAy FOr
uS cOmrADeS but
neVer minD!
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ge 6
Nepal’s earthquake:
Was Buddha
the first
vital for success
– Kaluwitharana
MPs ‘not interested’ in Code of Conduct
By ShailendreeW Adittiya
The Code of Conduct for all
representatives of the people, as
promised by the 100 Day Program,
was continuing to be delayed as most
parliamentarians were not interested in
it, MP, Prof. Rajiva Wijesinha said.
Speaking to
The Nation
, Prof.
Wijesinha said not many were
interested in the Code of Conduct,
adding that, “Anura Kumara
Dissanayake submitted a draft two
months ago but Prime Minister Ranil
Wickremesinghe hasn’t looked at it
The Code of Conduct was originally
supposed to be introduced on
January 22. However, when contacted,
Health and Indigenous Medicine
Minister and Cabinet Spokesperson
Rajitha Senaratne said that the draft
put together by MP Anura Kumara
Dissanayake was also being passed
The delay in establishing the Code of
Conduct, as Justice Minister Wijeyadasa
Rajapaksha explained, was owing to the
passing of the 19th Amendment to the
Constitution which was passed with,
‘great difficulty.’
Ranil elected to
UK Parliament
Sri Lankan born Ranil
Jayawardena, representing the
Conservative Party, was elected
to UK Parliament on Friday (May
8) from the North East Hampshire
Constituency at the 2015 UK General
Jayawardena received 35, 573
votes, which is 65.9 percent of the
total valid votes.
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Ranil Jayawardena
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‘Shotgun Somay’
fires a popgun warning
Guaranteed prices
linked to quality
Arjuna Ranatunga:
A roly poly antagonist
who was also a friend
Blue or Green ?
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