30 Best Photos Captured by Drone Cameras in 2022

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Here are the 20 best photos received for Drone Photo Awards in 2022 organized by Siena Awards. The winners of the Drone Photo Awards 2022, hosted by Siena Awards, have been announced.

French photographer Armand Sarlangue was named the overall winner for his shot of a vent captured hundreds of meters from the main crater of Iceland's Fagradalsfjall volcano.

Judges selected Almond's winning photo from among thousands of entries; This year, 2,624 participants from 116 countries entered the world-famous drone photography competition. It is organized under 9 main category which are WEDDING, NATURE, PEOPLE, URBAN, ANIMALS, ABSTRACT, SPORT, VIDEOS, and SERIES.

The annual Drone Photo Awards are a testament to the best camera drones, capable of taking beautiful pictures on their own, but the diversity of this year's winning and acclaimed photos shows just how far drone technology has come in recent years. 

#1 Photo Of The Year, Big Bang By Armand Sarlangue

#2 Great White Vortex By Clay Folden

#3 The Other Side Of Sunrise By Larry Gunn

#4 Solidarity By Mehdi Mohebipour

#5 Beautiful Life - Princess Taiping By Jingkun Yang

#6 After Sand Storm By Yura Borschev

#7 Collecting Bang Grass By Huu Binh Nguyen

#8 Meeting By David Rouge

#9 Perfect Chaos By Sara Zanini

#10 Rooftops Of Kartoffelraekkerne Neighborhood By Serhiy Vovk

#11 Volcano In The Clouds By Luis Manuel VilariΓ±o Lopez

#12 The Tree By Jose Pesquero Gomez

#13 Like A Painted Picture By Krzysztof Krawczyk

#14 Together By Nikita Dukhnik

#15 Once Upon A Wave By Phil De Glanville

#16 Blue Hour In Pamukkale By Dimitar Karanikolov

#17 Women Picking Red Chilies By Azim Khan Ronnie

#18 Aftermath Of La Palma’s Volcano Eruption By Enrico Pescantini

#19 Falling Skiers By Daniel Koszela

#20 Pink Flight By Kateryna Polishchuk

#21 Sleeping On A Boat By Anindita Roy

#22 Icesolated By Martin Sanchez

#23 Salt Farm Workers Harvesting By Saurabh Sirohiya

#24 Duotian By Ningtai Yu

#25 Waterlily Harvesting By Shibasish Saha

#26 Feast By Igor Altuna

#27 Circus Bear By Sirvidas Tadas

#28 Space Invaders By The Wild Strawberry

#29 Siberian Whirlpool By Dipabrata Sur

#30 Crisscrossed By Shuai Wu

Drone Photo Awards 2022 (Siena Awards)

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