5 best way sleeping postures that most people don't care about

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what do you expect more than anything after a tired exhausted day? For me, it's a night of good sleep. Sleep that helps to relieve all stress piled up in our mind and body. After all, we spend more than 229,961 hours in our lifetime or basically one-third of our life for sleep.

I bet you had experienced tiredness and body stiffness even after a long sleep. Hence not only the amount of sleep we get but also the quality of the sleep we get, matters. In order to have quality sleep, sleeping positions play a major role. So let's take a look at some tips on 5 Helpful Sleeping Poses Many People Are Not Aware Of.

Sleeping on your back

A position for a fresh face with no wrinkles

For a person, this is the best way to sleep. Not only sleeping on your back is amazingly comfortable but also there are many advantages to that. While sleeping on your back your body relaxes eventually without pressure or straining. Because the spine straightens and becomes relax after a long and tiring day.

But do you believe if I say that this position also helps to improve your beauty? Even if you don't, some research has shown that sleeping on your face on a pillow can harmfully contribute to gravitational wrinkles. In simply you will grow older fast. In order to prevent wrinkles, you should sleep on your back.

But to be precise, sleeping on your back can not be comfortable all the time. Especially people who have back pain. so we should maintain the correct position. First of all the surface, you are sleeping in should sturdy and pretty hard. And for the support for natural curves in the back and neck area, place a small pillow under the knees and head. Or else you can use an orthopedic pillow for more comfort.

Additional pillow for relaxing the spine

Sleep on your belly

For most of us, this is not a comfortable position to have a good night's sleep. To be clear, you shouldn't sleep on your belly. It will affect your metabolism and tension builds up in your spine. If you do want to sleep like that you should at least minimize the tension of your body.

The first thing is choosing a flat surface. And to make it easier to breathe place a small pillow or cushion where your forehead rests. And to reduce the tension of the spine place a small cushion under your tummy and the hips. It helps to relax the spine. Make sure the pillow you use to rest your head is a flat one. Or if you could throw that pillow away and sleep without it.

Sleep without a pillow

Sleeping on your side

Pillow for hugs

For people who sleep on your sides, these tips are for you. When you sleep gather up few more pillows and hug them. Yeah, pretty comfortable right? Just filling the space between your body and the surface makes the side position much more comfortable. When you use additional pillows, it's supporting the body and releases the tension of your arms, hips, and waist. And also support to keep the spine in its natural position.

Curling up

The embryo pose

Imagine how would you sleep on a cold rainy night? For me, I will be curled up like a baby and become a pile of blankets. It is the same for you. This curled-up position is known as The embryo pose. Because a baby would be in this pose in a mom's belly until born. However, it's not only a comfortable pose but also helps to open up your joints and help to relax your spine.

Sleep together

Sleeping together

It feels amazing to fall asleep with people you love. And now there are even more reasons for fall asleep while cuddling and hugging your lover. Apparently, people who have love relationships fall good and quality sleeps than the others. Because hugs and cuddles cause the production of oxytocin which is known as the love hormone. It not only makes people happy and relax. In addition, it reduces the risk for cardiovascular disease.

Now that you know the tips for Helpful Sleeping Poses that Many People Are Not Aware Of. Why don't you go ahead and try it to see yourself? Have a quality sleep and wake up as fresh daisy every morning

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