Accused Delphi Killer Floats Chilling Alt-Theory About Teen Girls’ Murders

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Indiana State Police

Attorneys for Richard Allen, the man accused of murdering two teen girls in Delphi, Indiana, made shocking new claims in a new court filing Monday—asserting there’s “overwhelming” evidence that Abby Williams and Libby German weren’t massacred by Allen, but were instead “ritualistically sacrificed” by a religious cult run by white nationalists.

Defense attorneys wrote that German, 14, and Williams, 13, were killed by cult members in a sick ritual that included multiple people in 2017—though they claimed Allen was not present at the time. His lawyers said the alleged killers practice the pagan Norse religion Odinism, which has been “hijacked by white nationalists.”

Citing a letter sent to police in 2019, the defense said German and Williams were targeted because one of their parents, who is white, was dating someone of another race.

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