AFL great Sam Newman reveals what suddenly killed his beloved wife Amanda Brown - and his one regret

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Shattered Sam Newman reveals for the first time what killed his wife – as he confesses he wishes he’d died instead and says he's selling his luxury apartment because it holds too many painful memories

Wife of AFL legend Sam Newman died aged just 50 last month in MelbourneHe tried to revive Amanda Brown after she suffered an aneurism at homeA devastated Newman, 75, described how he wished it was him who died

By Peter Vincent and Andrew Prentice For Daily Mail Australia

Published: 06:09 EDT, 11 June 2021 | Updated: 09:54 EDT, 11 June 2021

Devastated AFL legend Sam Newman has revealed an aneurysm suddenly killed his beloved partner of 20 years last month - and said he wishes he'd died instead of her.

A brave but gaunt-looking Newman spoke of how 'surreal' it was to come home and find Amanda Brown, whom he'd married six months ago after 20 years together, lifeless on the floor of their Melbourne home.

'She had no illnesses or no underlying health problems,' Newman said, choking back tears throughout an interview with 7News.

A devastated Sam Newman said his beloved partner of 20 years, Amanda Brown, died of an aneurysm  last month despite having no underlying health issues

The AFL great admitted he had spoken publicly in the days after Amanda Brown's sudden death because he hoped she might somehow hear him. The couple are pictured together above

'The autopsy, they said she died from an aneurysm, a stroke. I have no idea what brought that on.'

Newman admits he has 'often' thought 'I would rather it be me, but then she’d probably be feeling like I do'.

He also admitted speaking about Ms Brown on his podcast in the days after her death in the hope she might hear him. 

A visibly upset Newman said he'd often thought he would rather he'd died instead of his beloved wife Amanda

Sam Newman was told after Amanda Brown's autopsy that she died of 'an aneurysm, a stroke', despite having no underlying health issues

The AFL great, now 75, admits he's never ever lived alone 'since I left school' and will move out of his luxury home to ease his pain because already the memories are too 'stark'.

The former co-host of the Footy Show also admitted the shocking tragedy had already changed him by making him 'a bit more compassionate'.

But he showed plenty of inner strength too. 

'It won't get any worse for me, I’ll get gradually better you've just got to stand up, remember who you are and push on.'

Newman also said he 'misses everything' about Ms Brown and their marriage a month after her sudden death. 

Newman, previously described how he tried in vain to revive his wife after discovering her lying on the floor unresponsive in their apartment in Melbourne last month.

AFL legend Sam Newman recently revealed in a podcast he came home after picking up some takeaway and found his long term partner dead on the floor of their Melbourne apartment

Sam Newman (pictured) was in a relationship with Amanda Brown for 20 years before they tied the knot last November

On his own podcast You Cannot Be Serious, Newman, a Geelong great, revealed he was out getting fish and chips on the night of her death before quickly returning home.

He was anxious after Ms Brown failed to answer any of his calls. 

Last month Newman discovered his wife lying on the floor unresponsive in their luxury apartment in Melbourne - she was unable to be revived

Newman entered his apartment and found her dead on the floor.

He performed CPR on her for 20 minutes - even though he knew it was too late. 

'I get home and I walk in the door and the television's on in the bedroom. So I look down there and lying in her underwear — she'd obviously been in bed or she got out of bed to get something to eat,' he said.

'She's lying there on the tiles outside the laundry and as soon as I saw her I knew she was dead, I just knew it.

'I rang 000 and the very helpful person said you better try and give CPR and she talked me through that.

'I've got the phone on speaker and I'm pumping this poor woman who is lying there looking so peaceful, obviously dead, but the operator said keep doing it in case there's a spark of life in her.

'So for 20 minutes I'm giving CPR to what I knew was a corpse.'

Newman called his soulmate 'loyal and loving, protective and strong willed' in the podcast.


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