Bitcoin Core v26.0 Is Now Live, BTC Price Set For $50000

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Dev Releases Bitcoin Core v26 Upgrade, Will It Affect Ordinals?

Bitcoin core org has released the Bitcoin v26 upgrade on the network pipeline. In an X post, the Bitcoin core project announced the upgrade has been deployed and the documents have been released. The last Bitcoin v25.0 upgrade was released in May 2023.

The release includes various new features, bug fixes, and performance improvements, as well as updates to translations. Users are encouraged to report bugs through the GitHub issue tracker.

What’s New In The Bitcoin v26 Upgrade?

The Bitcoin v26 documentation was released by one of the developers named Michael Ford. The document specifically for Bitcoin users urges to upgrade to the new version, to make it compatible with different operating systems, and notable changes in the upcoming release.

Some of the key changes mentioned include experimental support for the v2 transport protocol, improvements in nodes’ resistance to eclipse attacks, and enhancements in pruning.

Additionally, the document drafts updates to RPCs (Remote Procedure Calls), changes to wallet-related RPCs, new RPCs, updated and new settings, tools and utilities, and GUI changes. Low-level changes, including test-related updates, are also covered.

The release credits numerous contributors for their direct contributions to the release, emphasizing the collaborative nature of the Bitcoin Core development team.

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Drama Around Bitcoin Ordinals And ORDI Price Jump

Recently, Bitcoin core developer Luke Dashjr has suggested that an upgrade would fix the bugs related to the Bitcoin network congestion and BRC-20 token transfer.

Amid the Bitcoin price rally, Dashjr stated that a critical bug in Bitcoin Knots, a derivative of Bitcoin Core, has been successfully addressed in a recent update. The bug in question allowed inscriptions to surpass the data limit by disguising their content as program code.

Bitcoin Core has long permitted users to set limits on additional data in transactions since 2013. However, this loophole allowed inscriptions to cleverly bypass these limits by presenting their data as program code.

Dashjr also expressed concern regarding the forthcoming Bitcoin Core release (v26) that even the latest upgrade wouldn’t suffice the bug. He highlighted that the vulnerability still exists in this version. As per developments it would be addressed before the v27 release scheduled for next year.

Amid all these, the BRC-20 token ORDI has recently seen a staggering price jump of 131%. At the press time, ORDI price was trading at $47.00, with a 24-hour trading volume of $1.7 billion. The token, however, plunged 5% in the last 24 hours. Over the previous month, the token has increased by more than 700%.

Additionally, the recent development came when Bitcoin is receiving enormous transactions every day. Top Bitcoin analysts have predicted the BTC price could shoot above $50000 as well.

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