Fox Hosts Outraged Over Senate Dress Code Change ‘Abomination’

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Fox News

The Senate’s new casual dress code, which allows lawmakers to forgo a suit and tie with dress pants on the chamber floor, is “an abomination to the way government should conduct itself,” Fox News co-host Harold Ford Jr. said Monday on The Five.

“If you have a health issue or a medical issue that requires you not to be able to dress, I get it. But if you’re able to dress, you should wear a shirt and tie and jacket—a suit and real shoes on the Senate floor and the House floor,” said Ford Jr., a former Democratic congressman who cited his prep school years in Washington, D.C. as one reason for his stance.

Ford Jr.’s conservative colleagues proceeded to target Sen. John Fetterman (D-PA), whose collection of hoodies and basketball shorts in the chamber has long been criticized on Fox News airwaves.

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