Koalas Audrey and Hazel fall out of a tree while fighting

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Mischievous koalas Audrey and Hazel claw a grab at each other as they scramble through gum tree before they fall out to the shock of onlookers

A pair of mischievous koalas took a nasty tumble out of a ten-metre gum treeSpectators watched in horror as the marsupials bit and scratched each other A loud snap is heard as both koalas free-fall several metres onto the ground 

By Olivia Day For Daily Mail Australia

Published: 01:57 EDT, 5 May 2021 | Updated: 01:57 EDT, 5 May 2021

A pair of playful koalas took a nasty tumble while fighting with each other as they climbed a gum tree at a wildlife park.

The mischievous marsupials entertained visitors to Healesville Sanctuary in Victoria as they chased each other through their enclosure.

The usually docile animals, named Audrey and Hazel, bit and grabbed at one another as they scaled a precariously thin gum tree standing more than 10m high. 

The mischievous koalas are seen scampering up a nearby gum tree while lunging and biting at one another, the larger seeking solace in higher branches

The smaller of the pair continued to relentlessly chase the larger koala up the tree, who attempted to take refuge from their attacker in higher branches. 

'What if it falls off the tree?', one nervous spectator asked in the background, as children laughed at the playful animals. 

As the larger koala turned to ferociously bite it's younger companion, a loud snap echoed across the enclosure as the animals fell onto the ground. 

Laughs quickly turned to screams as witnesses to the nasty tumble watched the marsupials land heavily on their backsides. 

The resilient koalas quickly recovered, one chasing the other up another nearby gum tree where they continue to bicker.  

Spectators to the vicious brawl are heard screaming as the pair free-fall onto the ground below, landing heavily on their backsides

The larger koala took a fearless leap to a neighbouring branch to escape the other, much to the amazement of the crowd.

Calm was restored to their enclosure as the marsupials finally agreed to part ways.  

Healesville Sanctuary Life Sciences Manager Bronwyn Macreadie told Daily Mail Australia that the pair have lived together for ages and usually get along very well. 

'This kind of minor squabble does happen from time to time', Ms Macreadie said. 

'It looks dramatic because the branch they're sitting on breaks, probably due to the weight of both of them at once. 

'We can see they're not really trying to injure each other - this is the way many animals sort out minor disputes, from koalas, to kangaroos, to even domestic dogs.'

Ms Macreadie said neither Audrey or Hazel sustained injuries from the fight and the pair were back to being friends.  

'Even after a squabble like this you can go back thirty minutes later and they're perfectly relaxed around each other again.' 


Southern koalas are found predominantly in South Australia and Victoria

They are larger, fluffier and darker than their northern cousins from Queensland and New South Wales

They have longer, thicker, reddish-brown fur and more layers of fat to protect them from the cooler weather 

Females range in size from 7kg to 11kg, while the males can range from 9.5kg to 14.5kg

The koalas breed from September to February with births between October and April

South Australia Department of Environment 


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