Newly Freed ‘QAnon Shaman’ Just Can’t Keep His Mouth Shut

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Stephanie Keith/Reuters

Just hours after being released from federal custody Thursday, Jacob Chansley, the convicted Jan. 6 rioter dubbed “Qanon Shaman” for his distinctive Capitol riot costume, is back on Twitter. And it appears he isn’t giving up the bit.

In his first post back, Chansley uploaded a computer-generated image of himself howling in the back of a police car—while wearing his namesake headdress and red, white and blue face paint. The caption was just one word: “FREEDOM!!!”

Shortly after, Chansley posted a five-minute clip on the “Forbidden Truth Podcast” Twitter account. It contained a rambling monologue in which he insisted that he has “learned numerous lessons during the test which God has graced me with over the last two and a half years.”

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