NYPD cop 'shoots her ex-girlfriend and kills her new lover in jealous rage'

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An off-duty NYPD cop has been arrested and is awaiting charges for shooting dead her ex-girlfriend's new lover and severely injuring the ex in a jealous rampage at a Brooklyn home last night. 

NYPD cop Yvonne Wu, 31, was sitting inside her ex-girlfriend, 23-year-old Jenny Li's apartment in Bensonhurst, Brooklyn, on Wednesday at 5pm, when Li returned home with her new girlfriend, Jamie Liang, 24.  

Wu - who has been a cop for five years and works out of the 72nd Precinct just four miles away - opened fire, shooting Liang in the chest and Li in the torso. Liang died in the hospital 50 minutes later. Li survived and is still in the hospital but is in a good condition. 

911 operators who picked up a frantic call from one of the victims heard the shooter yell in the background: 'I told you not to mess with me... this is what you get!' 

After shooting the two younger women, she walked outside the apartment and waited for cops to arrive. 

Video shows the moment she was frisked by a patrol car, before being taken away in handcuffs. She was transported to Maimonides Medical Center, where she remained on Thursday morning undergoing psychiatric evaluation. 

The New York Attorney General's Office told DailyMail.com it was reviewing the case, but no charges have been filed yet.  

At the scene on Wednesday night, NYPD Assistant Chief Michael Kemper told reporters that it was a 'domestic' situation, and that Wu and Li had been romantically involved. 

Friends of the two younger girls told The New York Daily News that Wu had been stalking Li ever since they broke up a month ago, and that she was a 'psychopath'.    

It's unclear how Wu and Li came to know each other, but public records indicate Wu was living in a home  eight blocks away from Li's family until recently. She is now understood to live in Staten Island. 

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NYPD cop Yvonne Wu, 31, (shown above, left, in her department photo and right) opened fire at her ex-girlfriend, Jenny Li, and Li's new girlfriend, Jamie Liang, at Li's home in Bensonhurst, Brooklyn, on Wednesday night. Liang died in the hospital an hour later 

This is the moment Wu was cuffed and taken in a police car to the hospital to undergo evaluation. She remained there on Thursday morning 

This was the chaotic scene outside the house in Bensonhurst, Brooklyn, after the shooting at 5pm. Wu is seen beside the open police car door 

NEW VIDEO: cell phone footage shows Officer Yvonne Wu being frisked and arrested after investigators say she confessed to killing her ex girlfriends new partner, Jamie Liang, at a Bensonhurst home. Wu was off duty at the time. @PIX11News pic.twitter.com/iTRySVjRQ0

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NYPD sources tell DailyMail.com that Wu was a high performer, was rated as 'exceeding expectations' in her recent evaluations. She has made about 60 arrests throughout her five-year career.   

Assistant Chief Michael Kemper, of the Brooklyn South patrol district, refused to name the officer last night but said that she handed herself in when police arrived at the house and was 'calm and collected and very forthcoming'. 

'Simply put, she confessed. That’s all I’m going to say,' Chief Kemper added. 

'She didn’t say anything.  She was so quiet. No emotions, nothing. 

'She was handcuffed and they put her in the car, that was it. She didn’t fight back or nothing. Didn’t say a word,' neighbor Rocco Perna, 44, told the Post. 

Medics are seen wheeling one of the victims away from the scene on a gurney

The incident happened at about 5pm on Wednesday, Chief Kemper said, after Li and Liang arrived home.

'We believe the cop was inside the residence before the other two females came home,' said Kemper.  

One of the dead woman's friends told The Daily News that Li and Wu lived together in Bay Ridge until about a month ago, when they broke up. They had been together for about two years. 

Witness Valerie Wares said she saw police giving CPR to one of the victims and said Wu looked very calm after the shooting.

She told CBS Local that Wu was already outside the home when police arrived and confessed immediately.

She said: 'In her NYPD jacket, which was curious. It was so strange. She was so peaceful and calm.' 

The alleged shooter had worked on Tuesday night and was due to head back to the office on Wednesday evening. 

The New York Daily News reported that Wu on Wednesday was sitting on her ex-girlfriend's bed waiting for them to return.  Wu's 23-year-old girlfriend was found in the living room, shot in the torso but is expected to survive. 

Liang, 24, was found lying in the bedroom, having been shot in the chest 'possibly more than once'. She died from her injuries.  

When Li called 911, the operator could hear someone in the background saying, 'That's what you get,' sources said. 

Police are seen outside the Bensonhurst home where Jenny Li lived, and where Yvonne Wu allegedly shot her and her new girlfriend, Jamie Liang

The area around the home where Li lived was cordoned off on Wednesday evening

Wu and Li had been together for around two years and broke up about a month ago, according to a friend of Liang's. Li lived in the Bensonhurst home where she returned on Wednesday evening, to find Wu awaiting her

A large police presence was seen on Wednesday afternoon outside the house in Bensonhurst

Both victims and a third patient - believed to be Wu - were taken to Maimonides Hospital.

The off-duty officer was in custody, Kemper said, and the case is being treated as a homicide.

He said it was unclear whether she used her service weapon, but there was 'a very good chance it is.' 

'The motive is believed to be domestic in nature,' said Kemper.  Kemper said that the officer had no known disciplinary problems. 

The incident is the latest example of NYPD cops going rogue. Yesterday, it also emerged that two male officers from a precinct in Queens had been ferrying prostitutes around in their patrol cars in exchange for thousands of dollars. 

Officers Thomas Diorio and Michael Sardone were dropped from the force after bosses found out about the payments.  

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