‘Only Murders in the Building’ Just Revealed a Major Meryl Streep Twist

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Every episode of Only Murders in the Building is narrated by a character with a new perspective on the season-long mystery. The narrator kicks things off, almost as if they were podcasting, by explaining their side of the story. As soon as Meryl Streep began this week’s episode with a calming intonation, I knew we were in for a real treat. Naturally, Streep did not disappoint.

While Streep narrates as an older Loretta, we travel back in time to see young Loretta (Taylor Colwell, who is so convincing as a young Streep) as she begins a career in acting. Loretta is a budding star. She plans to move to New York City as soon as she graduates from high school, but unfortunately, life has other plans for the double-braided superstar: After she graduates, Loretta immediately becomes pregnant.

Loretta makes the tough decision to give the child away, though the adoption isn’t closed, and she follows her child around as he grows up—though the kid doesn’t know this. She keeps a scrapbook of his achievements. She’s so proud of the man he’s grown up to be. Ironically, the pair both end up in showbiz. As soon as Loretta sees her biological son is involved with Death Rattle, she auditions, landing the part of the nanny.

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