People must obey decisions of Supreme Court: Dinesh Gunawardena

5 days ago 46

Leader of the House of Parliament Minister Dinesh Gunawardena affirmed that Sri Lankans should willingly or unwillingly obey the decisions taken by the Supreme Court as that is the basis of a democracy.

Minister Gunawardena stated this at the Parliament today (08) during a debate regarding the imprisonment of Ranjan Ramanayake and his membership in the Parliament being vacated in accordance with the Constitution.

The Minister pinpointed that this is not a plight faced only by Ranjan Ramanayake as Ministers like late Lalith Athulathmudali and late Gamini Dissanayake lost their Membership in Parliament as a result of Supreme Court order.

He further reiterated that the Constituion must be respected and the law has to proceed under any circumstances.

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