Pets lose their cuteness when they lose weight, as these 18 photos show

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Veterinarians say that most of the pets are obese. This may be due to reasons such as limiting themselves to the house and limiting natural activities. It also causes them to get more food. Here are some pictures of the different animals we saw that changed their appearance when their fatness decreased. We think it detracts from their cuteness. But they must be healthy because of that. They may also feel more active from losing weight. We ask you to look at these pictures and think about making your pet walk or playtime more active at home.

1. “Lost a little bit of weight.”

© Runnercorn54 / Reddit

2. “6-month difference”

© SAT**butspelledbruce / Reddit

3. “From 3 ounces to 2.8 ounces, Alexander has reached his goal chonk!”

© Azrielenish / Reddit

4. “Almost 3 years of de-chonking”

© sitonmyt*** / Reddit

5. “Buddy’s epic weight loss!”

© DanOwen46 / Reddit

6. “Tanooki is basically a kitten again!”

© Kitty4Snugglez / Reddit

7. “Handsome ex-chonker”

© raabixr / Reddit

8. “Proud of my baby Loki, he did so well.”

© bekind888 / Reddit

9. “Rosie is almost at her goal weight!”

© SeanR1221 / Reddit

10. “Danni Devito’s weight loss progress!”

© Darbypark / Reddit

11. “Look at Wolfgang go!”

© ElCapitanBeans / Reddit

12. “Phoebe’s weight loss journey is going well.”

© oythisisridiculous / Reddit

13. “My sister’s corgi, from 40 lb to 22 lb!”

© impactsponge / Reddit

14. “Progress report (~18 lb to 12 lb)”

© sdhlMemester / Reddit

15. “2 years and TONS of walks later, Shiloh has reached her target weight!”

© mikerich15 / Reddit

16. “Tommy Boy has been successfully de-chonked.”

© sh***morph / Reddit

17. “Porkchop before and after de-chonking”

© CanisGladiolus / Reddit

18. “Adopted this cute and overweight kitty a few years ago, put him on a diet, and now he’s less than half the weight of when I first got him!”

© mavagam99 / Reddit

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