Queensland girl, 11, breaks world record for tumbling by doing 42 chest rolls in just one minute

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Australian 11-year-old smashes world record for 'tumbling' as she flips head over heels 42 times in just a minute

Amelia Head, 11, from Ormeau in Queensland beat a world record for tumbling Gymnast did 42 chest rolls in one minute, beating world record by 13 tumblesProud family and friends cheered her on from the sidelines holding posters 

By Olivia Day For Daily Mail Australia

Published: 22:26 EDT, 4 May 2021 | Updated: 22:53 EDT, 4 May 2021

A young girl from Queensland has smashed the world record for tumbling by flipping head over heels a 42 times in a minute. 

Amelia Head has been an avid gymnast since 2019, but it was her flair for tumbling that saw the 11-year-old beat a world record on Saturday. 

The flexible gymnast accomplished 42 chest rolls in just one minute, beating the previous world record holder by 13 tumbles. 

More than 100 people crowded into the PCYC Studio in Beenleigh to cheer Amelia on from the sidelines, many of her friends holding handmade posters. 

The eleven-year-old gymnast, dancer and contortionist Amelia Head executed 42 forward chest rolls in just one minute, beating the previous record by 13 tumbles

Amelia's mother Mary-Anne told Daily Mail Australia she didn't believe her daughter the first time she told her she had broken a world record.  

'She was training with her coach in the studio one weekend and showed her a forward chest roll', Ms Head said. 

The proud mother said Amelia and her coach looked at the Guinness World Record website and saw the record was 29. 

In a video shot by her coach, Amelia was seen tumbling 31 times in one minute. 

 More than 100 people came to watch Amelia attempt the world record, including her dance friends, schoolmates and family members, who cheered her on from the sidelines

'When she rang me and said she had broken a record, I was like sure, whatever, but then I watched the video and thought we should make it official', Ms Head said.   

The 11-year-old is an enthusiastic gymnast and dancer, and one of the few children at her studio who also practice contortion. 

'Part of her acrobatic routine is folding herself into thirds and squeezing into a 60 centimetre cubed box', Ms Head said. 

Amelia's attempt at the world record was adjudicated by independent expert witnesses and time keepers who provided statements to Guinness World Records. 

Mary-Anne Head (left) said her daughter hadn't been counting her tumbles when she attempted the record, but started feeling confident when the crowd got louder

Ms Head said her daughter was 'so excited' after finding out she had beaten the record. 

'Amelia hadn't been counting so wasn't sure when she finished so she had to ask me', the proud mother said. 

'She later told me she started feeling confident when the crowd got louder.' 

Ms Head said the approval process could take some time and she and Amelia were hoping her tumbling record was published in the Guinness World Record book. 

'We would definitely be buying lots of copies', she said.  


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