Ratmalana Airport being promoted as an entertainment hub: Tourism Minister

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Ratmalana Airport is being promoted as an entertainment flying hub, stated Tourism Minister Prasanna Ranathunga yesterday (11).

“It is active under the Government’s programme to develop the Ratmalana Airport as a domestic aviation hub. Accordingly, new local air routes to tourist attractions will be identified and new runways suitable for aircraft will be identified,” said Tourism Minister Prasanna Ranatunga.

It is also expected to ease the barriers to flying to such locations. In addition, the Ratmalana International Airport is expected to be promoted in a number of new areas, said Minister Prasanna Ranatunga. Accordingly, the Ratmalana Airport will be promoted for entertaining flights, weddings, photography flights, dramas and cinematic flights.

In addition, promotions are expected to be launched at Ratmalana Airport for international commercial and corporate flights as well as private jet operations. Action will be taken to bring high income earners to Sri Lanka. Ratmalana Airport also has facilities for technical parking services for private aircraft such as refueling. The Minister states that he hopes to promote it in the world in the future as well.

The Ratmalana Airport, which was completely closed due to the spread of Covid, was reopened to the public on January 1 in accordance with health guidelines. Despite the situation, 2,539 passengers received air services from Ratmalana Airport during the year ended March 31. During that period 16,511 flights were operated from Ratmalana Airport out of which 432 were domestic flights. 10,332 flights have been conducted for pilot training and 6,006 flights have been conducted by the Sri Lanka Air Force.

Minister Prasanna Ranatunga said that with the vaccination, the domestic flights that were stopped at the Ratmalana Airport are expected to be resumed. Accordingly, the charging of parking and parking charges as an incentive has been temporarily suspended for a period of one year. In addition, the airport service tax levied on passengers has been suspended for a period of one year.

The Minister further said that steps have been taken to expedite the development process of the Ratmalana Airport along with the control of Covid-19

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