Rs. 5,000 will only be given to selected groups: Shehan Semasinghe

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The Rs. 5,000 Covid relief fund will only be given to selected groups this time, stated Minister of State Shehan Semasinghe yesterday.

He stated that the fund has taken time to be distributed because the groups such as Samurdhi recipients, those who lost their income due to Covid and low income families should be identified first by the District Secretaries and then only will the distribution take place.

Semasinghe also revealed that Rs. 30 billion has been put aside for the Covid relief fund by the President and the Prime Minister but the final amount that will be spent should be determined after the relevant documents of those qualified for the fund is looked through by the District Secretaries.

“This is why the process has taken more time. The current travel restrictions, and the spread of Covid have been hindrances to carrying out this effectively. However, with the help of the authorities, we will distribute the fund to all who need it,” he said.

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