Stocks of contaminated coconut oil departs to Malaysia today

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A consignment of coconut oil containing the carcinogenic substance ‘Aflatoxin’ imported from Malaysia has been loaded onto the Barbara vessel anchored at the SAGT Terminal in the Port of Colombo.

Customs Media Spokesman, Deputy Director of Customs Sudaththa Silva stated that the process commenced at around 9.30 am today (12).

Six containers of coconut oil belonging to Katana Refineries are being re-exported.

The consignment of coconut oil was taken from the importer’s private warehouse on April 6 to the SAGT Terminal at the Port of Colombo under the supervision of Customs officials.

On the instructions of the Director General of Customs, Retired Major General Vijitha Ravipriya, a team of officers from the Customs Prevention Division and the Customs Central Goods Inspection Division are visiting the SAGT Terminal at the Port of Colombo to monitor the re-shipment.

The Barbara vessel carrying the consignment of coconut oil is scheduled to leave for Malaysia at 5.00 pm today from the SAGT terminal in the Port of Colombo.

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