Sun directly over Veppankulam, Vavuniya today

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Today (12) at 12:11 pm the sun will be over Veppankulam, Madhu Road, Piramanalan, Pampaimadu, Thandikulam and Periyakarachchi Wewa, the Meteorological Department said.

Showers or thundershowers will occur at several places in many parts of the island during the evening or night.

Heavy showers of up to 100 mm are expected in the Sabaragamuwa, Central, Western and North Western provinces and in some places in the Galle and Matara districts.

Foggy conditions are possible in the Central, Sabaragamuwa and some parts of the Western Province during the morning.

The Meteorological Department warns the public to take necessary measures to reduce the risk of temporary strong winds and thunderstorms.

As the Sun visually moves north, the Sun is directly above the latitudes associated with Sri Lanka from April 5th to 14th.

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