There’s been a ‘recent rash’ of vehicle burglaries in Pocatello

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POCATELLO — There have been numerous vehicle burglaries around Pocatello.

Pocatello Police have received these reports over the past couple of weeks, according to a release sent out Monday by Jene Purman of the police’s support services.

If you have information on the “recent rash” of vehicle burglaries or have witnessed suspicious activity, contact police at (208) 234-6100.

“To protect yourself from becoming a victim of a vehicle burglary, make sure all the windows are rolled up, lock the doors, and if the vehicle has an alarm system, make sure the alarm system is activated,” Purman said.

Most cases of vehicle theft happen when people leave their car doors unlocked or leave valuable items in plain view, according to Purman.

“By simply locking the doors to your vehicle and removing valuable items from plain sight, the risk of being victimized will be dramatically reduced,” Purman said.

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