'TikTok guy' who predicted NSW Covid numbers will fight charges relating to Sydney lockdown protests

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The TikTok comedian who developed a cult following for predicting NSW's daily Covid cases will fight charges related to his attendance at Sydney's illegal anti-lockdown rally.

Jon-Bernard Kairouz was among 3,500 people who rallied at a violent protest in Sydney's CBD on Saturday July 24 and was filmed addressing the crowds on a megaphone. 

Bankstown Local Court heard on Tuesday that the 24-year-old will defend three charges when he appears in Downing Centre Local and District Court next month.

The self-appointed 'people's Premier' is charged with two counts of not complying with noticed direction (Covid-19) and encouraging commission of a crime.

Three police detectives were waiting outside his home in Belmore, in Sydney's south-west, on Sunday July 25 to present him with his court attendance notice.

As Mr Kairouz rounds the corner wearing a NSW Blues Origin jersey, one detective approaches him and explains the criminal charge. 

TikTok comedian Jon-Bernard Kairouz (pictured) will fight charges relating to Sydney's illegal anti-lockdown protests

Jon-Bernard Kairouz (pictured) was among 3,500 people who attended an illegal protest in the Sydney CBD on Saturday July 24 and was filmed addressing the crowds on a megaphone

As he explains it is for a breach of the public health act, the TikTok comedian interrupts him and motions for officers not shown in the video to move back. 

'I'm listening, yeah... can you just take it easy?' He asks one of the other officers as a friend films the encounter.  

The comedian appeared unworried when the notice was handed to him, thanking the police and telling them to 'have a good day'.  

A group of investigators are seen waiting outside a Belmore home in Sydney's south-west on Sunday July 25 to issue the Sydney comedian with a penalty infringement notice

As the investigator explains the fine is for a breach of the public health act the TikTok comedian interrupts him and motions for people not shown on the video to move back

Angry fans were quick to voice their disappointment at his attendance.

'Hope you enjoyed the protest, because everyone has lost respect for you,' one woman wrote.

'He was pressed they were close to him but then not pressed to be close to thousands of people at the march? Interesting,' another wrote.  

'You had a big rise and an even bigger fall, how hilarious,' a third commented. 

'This was my favourite CrimeStoppers call by far but I was probably beaten by 2000 calls first. Everyone was keen to call this loser in,' a fourth shared. 

'Maybe he can predict how many people will be in court to greet him,' a user joked.  

Mr Kairouz appeared in Bankstown Local Court on Tuesday and indicated he will fight three charges including not comply with a noticed direction and encourage commission of a crime (pictured, Jon-Bernard Kairouz at anti-lockdown protests)

NSW Police set up Strike Force Seasoned to track down all attendees at the protest, which was feared by health officials to be a coronavirus super-spreader event.  

Kairouz was filmed at the July protest holding a megaphone and declaring himself 'the people's Premier' as he whipped a crowd of thousands into a frenzy outside Town Hall.

'All we want is freedom,' he shouted to a roar from the crowd, before sharing clips of the speech to his Instagram, which were later deleted. 

But the stunt quickly backfired, with some of his 57,100 followers questioning why he joined thousands of protesters and risked extending the city's lockdown.

'This is f**king ridiculous,' one person wrote. 'If your aim is freedom — you've f***ed up by bringing thousands of people together. Watch the spike. Congrats!'

'There are people in ICU how selfish can you be?' added another.

Mr Kairouz accurately predicted the count of NSW Covid figures five days in a row, before his suspected source in NSW Health was exposed 

Kairouz shot to fame during Sydney's lockdown after correctly reporting how many cases NSW would announce the following morning five times in a row.

His streak ended on July 19 with his prediction of 109, beyond the actual figure of 98.

Health Minister Brad Hazzard said it was a 'disappointment someone, somewhere in the system' felt it was necessary to leak the numbers to Mr Kairouz.

'I saw someone saying on social media that it was a sting. No it wasn't,' Mr Hazzard told reporters on Monday.

'It was looking at what the issues were and making sure that the system was such that the information could be kept to the appropriate time.'

NSW, which counts cases over a 24-hour period to 8pm, releases figures and the context of each case daily at 11am.

Kairouz has repeatedly insisted his predictions are the result of 'simple maths', but has not released a single video since his suspected leak in the NSW Health department was outed.  

'All we want is freedom,' he shouted to a roar from the crowd, before sharing clips of the speech to his Instagram, which were later deleted

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