Tinder sex cult killer, 54, is sentenced to death for murdering Nebraska woman

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A sex cult killer has been sentenced to death for strangling a Nebraska woman in 2017 then cutting her into 14 pieces after luring her over Tinder. 

Aubrey Trail, 54, and his girlfriend Bailey Boswell, 25, were both convicted of first-degree murder in the brutal killing and dismemberment of 24-year-old Sydney Loofe. 

The pair lured her using the dating app Tinder then wanted her to participate in their lifestyle of defrauding antiques dealers and having group sex. 

But Trail said Loofe 'freaked out' and he worried she would go to the authorities so he killed her with an electrical cord. 

'I had no doubt she would tell people if I let her go,' said Trail, who was handcuffed, clad in orange jail garb and in a wheelchair throughout the sentencing. 

The pair then cut her body into 14 pieces. Before going on the date, Loofe posted an excited selfie on Snapchat. 

Trail tried to kill himself in custody by slitting his own throat but was unsuccessful. 

Aubrey Trail, 54, was sentenced to death on Wednesday for the 2017 murder of Sydney Loofe, a young woman he lured on Tinder 

On Wednesday, he was sentenced to death after telling a court in Omaha that he 'couldn't care less' what kind of punishment he received. 

The last time anyone heard from Sydney Loofe was on November 15 when she posted a picture of herself to Snapchat, captioning the image: 'Ready for my date'

He did not apologize to the victim's family, saying it would be an 'insult' to do so. He also repeated earlier claims that Boswell is innocent and didn't take part in the killing. 

She has not yet been sentenced but she also faces the death penalty and could become Nebraska's first female death row inmate.    

During his 2019 trial, three women testified about how Trail would lure women into his sex cult via the dating app , then convince them he was a vampire who could fly and read minds.   

The women said they were all recruited via Boswell's Tinder account between July and November 2017. 

They described how Trail made them call him 'daddy' and how they engaged in group sex with him, Boswell and other women.

The women said Trail also referred to Boswell as the 'queen witch'.

One woman testified that Trail had a group of witches and that for her to become one of them she had to kill someone and 'take their last breath', the Omaha Herald reports.

She would gain more 'powers' if the person killed was tortured for hours beforehand, the woman testified.

Trail's girlfriend Bailey Boswell, 27, is awaiting sentencing for her role in the murder. She and Trail recruited women over Tinder to take part in their sex cult where they'd call him 'daddy' and her a 'witch' 

The woman described going to a Walmart with Trail and Boswell to grocery shop. She said they asked her if she was ready for her first 'kill'.

A potential Tinder date showed up but they ended up leaving her at the grocery store and Trail later said they would 'save her for another time'.

'It all sounded like it was real, very convincing,' she told the court.

The woman said she left the group before Loofe was killed, and said Trail and Boswell threatened to kill her family if she told anyone about what had happened.

Another woman testified that Trail and Boswell made her follow strict rules, including making contact every three hours to let them know where she was.

She also wasn't allowed to wear clothes in Trail's home.

The woman told the court she was punished if she broke the rules, including once where he choked her with a belt and another time where he slapped her in the head more than 10 times.

Loofe was found dead in December 2017 near Edgar, south-west of Omaha, about a month after she disappeared when she failed to return from a Tinder date with Trail's girlfriend

She testified that Trail and Boswell would often speak about killing and torturing other victims because they needed to strengthen their powers.

They allegedly spoke of cutting out people's eyelids, scalping them, cutting holes in people during sex, pouring acid on them and setting them on fire.

She said Trail and Boswell had a killing bag - which they called 'Bailey's killing bag' - that included a sauna suit, hammer and pliers.

Trail, shown testifying at trial, tried to kill himself in custody by slashing his own throat

The woman said she initially agreed to take part in a killing. She also left the group before Loofe was killed.

Another part of being involved in Trail's sex cult helping the couple swindle others by buying and selling antiques.

The third woman testified that she was only interested in the antiques side of it and was never wanted to have sex with the couple.

She said she never believed Trail when he spoke about vampires and witches but testified that they regularly spoke about killing and torture.

Trail hasn't been in court to listen to testimony since last week when he slashed his neck and fell from his wheelchair in the middle of a hearing.

He was caught on camera yelling 'Bailey is innocent, and I curse you all' just seconds before swiping something across his neck.

Deputies were filmed rushing to help as Trail lay bleeding on the floor.

It is not clear how badly Trail was injured but the judge ordered the jury to return to hear testimony. His lawyer said he needed stitches but was released from a hospital.

Authorities said he'd had a stroke and two heart attacks since his arrest.

The last time anyone heard from Loofe was November 15 when she posted a picture of herself to Snapchat, captioning the image: 'Ready for my date'.

She was reported missing by her mother the following day when she failed to show up for her cashier job at home improvement store Menards in Lincoln.

Her dismembered body was found a month later stuffed into garbage bags dumped in a field.

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