(VIDEO) Govt. helping businesses, rather than helping the people

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Written by Zulfick Farzan

08 Apr, 2021 | 5:56 pm

Colombo (News 1st); There is no use of an executive president if one cannot be firm against businesses, said Hemamali Abeyratne, the National Organizer for the Freedom Women movement in Colombo on Thursday (08).

“The President was elected because he promised to reduce the prices of goods, abolish micro-finance schemes and slash the loans of the farming community, however, he said not been able to keep those promises,” she alleged.

“If the President cannot be firm on the businesses, he should go home and allow the people to govern themselves. The farmers will grow the food and the people will make the purchases,” she added.

She accused the government of obtaining loan after loan in the name of development, adding the people’s lives are still the same and not moving anywhere.

“During this festive season, the people are pawning their assets to go share their love with their relatives. If you visit a bank, there are long lines for the pawning section,” she added.

She alleged the government is working towards assisting businesses and companies, while the people suffer.

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