Water meters to be manufactured locally

4 weeks ago 90

Water Supply and Drainage Board Minister Vasudeva Nanayakkara has instructed the Water Supply and Drainage Board to manufacture water meters for water connections provided by the National Water Supply and Drainage Board from now on.

The Minister of Water Supply and Drainage Vasudeva Nanayakkara gave these instructions while inspecting the National Water Supply and Drainage Board’s Central Machinery in Ratmalana.

Nearly 100,000 water meters provided to ordinary households and institutions are often found to be inoperable and damaged in a single year due to various reasons.

In such cases, despite the ability to repair the water meter properly, new water meters imported from abroad are often installed.

The Minister instructed that this situation must be stopped immediately and that the necessary equipment should be procured locally as soon as possible.

The technicians expressed their satisfaction and appreciation in this regard and said that it was a crime to import new water meters at our expense despite this possibility.

The Minister also instructed the relevant authorities to look into the possibility of manufacturing new water meters in Sri Lanka in the future.

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