You have to see this! Orangutan launches possum through the air after it invades his treehouse

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  Published at 1:40 pm, September 19, 2023

An orangutan sends a possum flying through the air after the animal is found in the orangutan’s treehouse. | Courtesy 7News

NOT WELCOME HERE — An orangutan at an Australian zoo has attracted attention from people across the world after it was caught on video throwing a possum out of its sky-high enclosure.

Visitors at Perth Zoo witnessed the encounter on Sept. 9, 2023, and a video of the ordeal was shared with 7News, an Australian news outlet. The video shows the orangutan chuck the animal out of its treehouse as it sends the possum flying through the air.

The person who filmed the incident said they “didn’t think (the orangutan) would throw it like a frisbee” into another enclosure, adding that the wild encounter unfolded in front of children, according to 7News.

A spokesperson for Perth Zoo said staff do their best to prevent wildlife from breaking into different habitats but, “just as in other urban Perth areas, it’s not always possible to stop them.”

The orangutan habitat is an outside environment and possums have been known to inhabit the above-ground territories, the zoo representative added.

“Whilst every effort is made to prevent them from entering, the sheer height provides some challenges and sometimes the orangutans evict the odd possum themselves,” the zoo spokesman stated.

In case you were wondering, the evicted possum survived and was uninjured, but let this be a lesson — don’t invade on an orangutan’s space unless you want to suffer the consequences.

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