AI Giant NVIDIA Openly Woos OpenAI Staff as Leadership Saga Rages On

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Jim Fan, a Senior Artificial Intelligence (AI) scientist at NVIDIA shared a post on the X app that suggested that he is trying to woo OpenAI staff following the recent leadership saga at the ChatGPT developer.

NVIDIA is Hiring

According to Fan, NVIDIA is currently hiring to fill positions like engineers, researchers, and product teams. 

“We love you all from OpenAI,” his post reads. By way of referring to the current leadership mishap which involves the exit of Sam Altman from OpenAI, the AI scientist highlighted that “NVIDIA has warm GPUs for you on a cold winter night like this, fresh out of the oven.”

Notably, some of these OpenAI staff are threatening to leave the company and a significant number of them are already considering joining Sam Altman and former OpenAI President Greg Brockman at Microsoft where they were recently hired to lead a new advanced AI research team. 

Since Altman was fired from his position as CEO of OpenAI a few days ago, the action of Jim Fan has been the trend. Many technology companies have tried to demonstrate their solidarity towards him. Cardano’s founder, Charles Hoskinson, extended an invitation to Altman, requesting that he consider collaborating on building a decentralized LLM on the Cardano Partnerchain.

NVIDIA Brandishes Top Research to Woo OpenAI Staff

In addition to his poaching tactic, Fan shared snippets of some of his team’s research, possibly in a bid to entice some OpenAI staff who may be considering resigning from the company. Amongst these researches are Voyager, the first LLM-powered agent that plays Minecraft proficiently, MineDojo, an open framework that turns Minecraft into an AGI research playground, and VIMA, the first multimodal LLM with a robot arm attached.

Markedly, the NVIDIA ecosystem is performing well and has seen significant results over the last few months. 

Compared to OpenAI which is said to be valued at about $86 billion, NVIDIA hit a market cap of $1 trillion sometime in the first half of this year. Several new products and services including a new robotics design, gaming capabilities, advertising services, and networking technology have been introduced by the firm.

It is not yet clear how Altman would react to Fan’s encrypted message to OpenAI staff, especially after he had previously been working on setting up an AI-focused chip company that will compete against NVIDIA.

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