Trump PAC spokeswoman: Ron DeSantis 'has dug his grave'

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A Trump PAC spokeswoman was unimpressed with DeSantis' 2024 bid Karoline Leavitt said DeSantis' campaign has imploded before it's even begun Leavitt said DeSantis failed to address issues important to GOP voters

(NewsNation) — Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis officially announced his 2024 presidential bid on Wednesday after months of wide speculation that he would run for the Republican nomination.

The live announcement on Twitter was ultimately riddled with technical problems and frequent audio cutouts.

Karoline Leavitt, a spokeswoman for Make America Great Again Inc., a super PAC known for its support of former President Donald Trump, joined “The Hill on NewsNation” to discuss DeSantis entering the 2024 race.

Leavitt expressed her disappointment with DeSantis’ presidential campaign announcement and shared her insights on his chances of becoming a viable candidate.

“His campaign has imploded before it’s even begun,” she said. “Not only were there those technological glitches, he barely spoke to the majority of Republican primary voters on Twitter.”

Leavitt said DeSantis failed to address crucial issues such as the war in Ukraine, immigration and the border, and inflation, all of which are important concerns for Republican primary voters.

“He talked a lot about woke ideology,” she said. “Which is an important issue for Republican primary voters. But he failed to address the key concerns.”

Leavitt said Trump has addressed these key issues, saying, “That’s why he’s leading in states like Iowa and New Hampshire.”

With DeSantis gearing up for multiple campaign stops in those early primary states as well as South Carolina, Leavitt acknowledged the importance of on-the-ground retail politicking.

“President Trump will never be outworked and he has a base of more than 30% of the Republican Party that is not going anywhere,” she said. “We haven’t seen those voters waver.”

Leavitt said attacks from far-left Democrats and the Washington establishment only serve to strengthen support for Trump among his base.

“The more that the far left Democrats in the establishment in Washington, D.C., attack him, the more that these voters are going to rally around him,” she said.”

As the 2024 presidential race begins to take shape, the spotlight will undoubtedly remain on the evolving dynamics between the two front-running candidates.

“Ron De-Sanctimonious certainly didn’t help himself by being disloyal to the president, further dividing our Republican Party,” she said. “He should have adhered to the will of the voters, listened to the polls, so we could take this fight to Joe Biden, to the Democrats. But look, Ron DeSantis has dug his grave. President Trump will bury him in it, and (Trump) will be our nominee in just a few months.”

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