NFL Network sends Michael Irvin home from Super Bowl LVII under mysterious circumstances

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Dallas Cowboys legend-turned-TV analyst Michael Irvin has been sent home from the NFL Network's ongoing Super Bowl LVII coverage following a complaint made by a woman at a hotel in Arizona.

'Michael Irvin will not be part of the NFL Network's Super Bowl LVII week coverage,' NFL Network spokesman Alex Reithmiller told in a statement. 

The specifics of the complaint, as well as the woman's identity, have not been revealed. 

Although no formal complaint was filed, the hotel did notify NFL Network about the alleged incident, leading to Irving's removal, has learned.  

The 56-year-old Irvin gave his side of the story to Dallas radio station 105.3 the Fan on Wednesday morning, saying he briefly spoke with a woman in his hotel lobby, but can't remember what he said to prompt a complaint. 

Dallas Cowboys legend-turned-analyst Michael Irvin has been sent home from the NFL Network's ongoing Super Bowl LVII coverage following a complaint made by a woman at a hotel in Arizona

'When I came into the hotel [on Sunday night], they asked what I did and I said, ''I just went straight to the room,''' Irvin said. 'But I guess I had met somebody in the lobby – talked to somebody in the lobby for about a minute and then I went to my room. And then after I got up there, they said they had to move me in the hotel. I said, 'Move me in the hotel for what?'' 

'So they moved my hotel, and I said, ''What's going on, guys? What's happening? Why are we moving hotels?''

'They said, ''Well, last night you walked in, you talked to somebody.'' I said, ''I didn't talk to anybody. I went straight to the room.''

'And then they showed it on camera that I did talk to somebody. I talked to this girl for about a minute. I don't know what — they didn't show it to me. They told it to me. I didn't see it. But that's why they moved me, because I guess the girl said I said something to her within that minute that we talked, and so they moved me.'

'That's why I'm kind of hiding to wait and see how everything comes down,' Irvin added. 'It was a minute meeting somewhere in the lobby. I don't even remember it really because I had a few drinks, to tell you the truth.'

Speaking with the Dallas Morning News, Irving said his only physical interaction with the woman was a brief handshake. 

Irving has faced other accusations in the past.

NFL Network reporter Michael Irvin speaks with Philadelphia Eagles head coach Nick Sirianni during Super Bowl Opening Night at Footprint Center

In 1996, a Cowboys cheerleader claimed that Irvin and Dallas offensive lineman Erik Williams sexually assaulted her at gunpoint, but the accuser later pled guilty to perjury and filing a false police report.

That same year, Irving was arrested with cocaine and exotic dancers at a hotel room, later pleading guilty to drug possession. He would be arrested for cocaine possession again in 2001, although those charges were ultimately dropped.

In a civil suit, Irvin was accused of sexual assault at a Florida casino in 2007. He filed a counterclaim and the two sides settled out of court.

Florida prosecutors declined to charge Irvin over accusations he drugged and sexually assaulted a 27-year-old woman in March of 2017 due to a lack of evidence.

Irvin told reporters in July of 2017 that he has lost 'millions' of dollars in endorsements and business deals as a result of the claims made against him. He also said he was 'devastated' by the allegations, partly because they were made by a young woman he considered to be a friend.

The woman claimed she was at a bar in Miami with Irvin when they decided to go to his room at the W Hotel in Fort Lauderdale. Shortly after arriving at the room, she claimed she began to feel sick and the last thing she remembered was trying to fight Irvin off, she told police at the time.

She told police she did not remember anything else until she woke up the next morning. After taking an Uber home about 7:30am, she called police to report the alleged drugging and rape.

Kansas City Chiefs head coach Andy Reid speaks with NFL Network reporter Michael Irvin during Super Bowl Opening Night at Footprint Center

The State Attorney's report, obtained by TMZ, detailed how the woman's toxicology report found she had cocaine and MDMA in her system. She also recorded a BAC of 0.10.

The gossip website reported at the time authorities also found no traces of Irvin's DNA after a vaginal swab.

Irvin has repeatedly denied the allegations and said 'nothing happened' on the night in question.

Furthermore, in 2018, he and fellow NFL Network host Eric Davis were accused of sexual harassment by a freelance makeup artist, who named both in a lawsuit against the league.

'Davis [would] force his genitals against Plaintiff and he would also rub his genitals on Plaintiff's leg,' according to the complaint, which was later dropped.

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